What is it?

Adamour is an effective and affordable remedy to restore potency. It is recommended for men over 18 who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Adamour acts mildly, but effectively, and already at the first dose provides the desired effect. At the same time, the drug is completely natural and safe for health, which favorably distinguishes it from other means to enhance potency.

Instruction: How to use?

Adamour is available as oral capsules. The daily dose is one capsule, which must be swallowed without chewing and washed down with water. Provided it is sexually stimulated, it takes effect within 10 minutes. Therefore, if you are planning to have intercourse, take the pill just before you start.
To achieve lasting results, Adamour manufacturers recommend taking the drug for at least 3 consecutive months.

How does it work?

Weak potency can be caused by various reasons: stress, congestion in the pelvic organs, circulatory disorders, psychological issues. Adamour eliminates all factors that influence this process. It normalizes the work of the hormonal sphere, improves the blood supply to the genitals, makes a man more enduring and courageous. Thanks to this, erectile dysfunction disappears, and sex life improves.

Ingredients. Composition

The formula of the Adamour preparation is a combination of various herbal ingredients of exotic origin. Almost all of them are natural aphrodisiacs, and it is thanks to them that this remedy works so effectively. These are the following ingredients:

  • muira puama: enhances potency, provides vivid sensations during sex;
  • catuaba: stimulates the production of the hormone testosterone, activates blood flow to the penis, enhances libido;
  • Peruvian maca: improves blood circulation, allows you to achieve strong erections, prevents premature ejaculation;
  • emla or Indian gooseberry: increases libido, improves sperm quality;
  • tribulus: normalizes hormone levels, protects against impotence, relieves nervous tension, helps to relax and enjoy.

In addition, Adamour contains a vitamin and mineral complex. It includes zinc, niacin, and L-arginine. The listed substances enhance the effect of other components, as well as improve immunity and allow the whole body to be comprehensively healed.


  • Low price
  • Experts advise
  • Natural composition

Indications for use

The preparation in the form of Adamour capsules is intended for men with erection problems.


The drug is completely natural and has no side effects. He also has no contraindications.

Doctor’s review

For 20 years now I have been helping people solve the biggest male problem – loss of potency or complete impotence. In search of a working drug, I personally performed 18 clinical studies. Since 2018, I have been confidently prescribing Adamour to patients with potency problems, even the most desperate ones. The results are incredible, with 93% of men recovering completely. And the effect remains forever. I can confidently recommend Adamour for treatment and prevention right at home.
The tool helps to increase sensitivity, get an unforgettable sensation from intercourse. Unlike similar drugs, it does not cause side effects such as migraines, high blood pressure, or tachycardia. Due to the presence of natural ingredients in the composition, the product has a mild and effective effect.

Customer Reviews

I really enjoy taking Adamour for sexual pleasure and to improve my erection. With this tool, the experience is unforgettable. I recommend to all Adamour men to try it. My wife is happy with me after using this remedy. Now the sex life is much more varied than it was before using the tool.

I am 58 years old, all men at my age already have problems with potency. I have tried different chemicals, but nothing has a long lasting effect. I had almost given up on solving this problem when a friend suggested that I try Adamour. I decided to buy it and start using it. I was delighted with the result! An erection returned to me, which had not been for a long time. I finally felt like a full-fledged man again! Now I have sex regularly. I also noticed an improvement in overall well-being. I recommend to everyone!

This is a fantastic tool! Adamour saved me from divorce. The wife after each intercourse was unhappy with me. When I decided to try Adamour, I was not very sure about its effectiveness. After I took 2 tablets before intercourse, the result shocked me pleasantly! I had a stable erection and amazing sex! Therefore, I definitely recommend all men who have problems with potency to buy Adamour.


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