What is it?

Agromax is one of the best fertilizers in the world. All villagers and summer residents faced the problem of poor crop growth and weak plant immunity. Science does not stand still, as does agricultural activity. It is necessary to constantly cultivate plants and soils so that there are no problems in the future.
Agromax is ready to take on this challenge. Long-term experience shows that this fertilizer improves soil productivity in the shortest possible time, the immunity of crops will increase several times.
The benefits of fertilizers. Agromax has the following advantages:

  • growth will accelerate after processing;
  • shorter growing season;
  • natural composition;
  • high soil fertility.
  • the product is unique and suitable for almost all cultures.

Instruction: How to use?

There are absolutely no difficulties in using. Fertilizer is produced in special bags. Each bag holds 10 liters of water. First you need to fill the contents with water and mix. Experts recommend using the fertilizer in a complex manner. Use the prepared solution for shrubs, for processing seedlings, for feeding trees. In practice, it is better to apply root and foliar treatment. Trees and bushes are best sprayed and the soil must be treated with Agromax in the spring.

How does it work?

It should be noted that this fertilizer gives positive results: 1. Seeds germinate much more actively and faster; 2. Leaves become much stronger and greener; 3. The soil is enriched with useful substances; 4. If the strawberries are processed, then there will be much more berries on it; 5. The motherwort will disappear. 6. Winter crops will be preserved; 7. Cucumbers do not acquire a bitter taste, tomatoes become rich red and sweet.

Ingredients. Composition

This preparation contains natural substances. Researchers have proven that this biofertilizer is the best of its kind. This preparation contains ingredients such as:

  • Humic acid, which contains a beneficial set of elements, contains substances that can protect the culture.
  • A bioactive acid that restores and structures the fertility of the soil in which bacteria grow.
  • The concentration of blood meal saturates the soil with nutrients, improves the growth process.
  • Azotobacteria improve the soil and enrich it with beneficial properties.



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