Artrofast What is it?


What is it?

Artrofast is a unique cream that has been created to fight joint pain and restore cartilage tissue. Thanks to specially selected components, the cream can be used in preventive massage, and thus anticipate possible joint problems.

Instruction: How to use?

You can use the product without a masseur, of course, if this is not a difficult case or a hard-to-reach place. It is enough just to wipe the disturbing area with a washcloth to remove excess dirt, squeeze a small amount of the cream onto your hand and rub it into the disturbing area in a circular motion. It is enough to do massage a couple of times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

How does it work?

Regular rubbing will first reduce painful sensations, at the same time removing the source of pain, and then completely heal from the arisen problem with the joints. Naturally, each case is individual, and before starting to use “Artrofast”, it is better to consult with your doctor and get appropriate recommendations.

Ingredients. Composition

The use of natural ingredients, in conjunction with the best synthetic peptides, gives a positive effect after just a few uses. Since the composition has been tested in many laboratory tests, it does not cause allergic reactions. The cream consists of the following components:

  • Using olive oil as a base for a cream gives the effect of faster absorption of beneficial elements by the skin. At the same time, the skin becomes soft and elastic.
  • Eighteen amino acids, replenish the lack of nutrients and stimulate the renewal of damaged areas of the joints.
  • The use of peptides allows to spur the body’s regeneration.
  • Honey, propolis and bee venom are ideal remedies for joint pain relief and overall recovery.
  • Cedar gum is an excellent remedy for relieving puffiness and reducing the likelihood of recurrent painful symptoms.

Correctly selected composition is the key to a quick point effect on the body. In addition, this composition guarantees fast absorption and no marks on clothing.



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