What is it?

Artrovex is a bio cream designed for the treatment and regeneration of joints. It is necessary to use the drug when pain occurs. Thanks to the effect of strengthening and restoring joints, Artrovex is able to fight many diseases. The cream is suitable for all ages: young people use the drug for joint pain after sports, and for older people, the cream helps to relieve pain.

Instruction: How to use?

To achieve a positive effect, the drug must be used 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening. Before applying Artrovex, it is important to cleanse the skin from dirt and water. It is required to provide the cream with free access to the pores and the focus of inflammation.
The course of applying the cream depends on the individual condition of the patient. The preventive effect is achieved within a month of use. The drug must be applied in a small layer; rub with smooth massage movements. Thanks to its light texture, the cream is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any greasy residue.
The drug is not classified as a drug. Purchased from pharmacies or special online catalogs.

How does it work?

The human body has a lot of cartilage that wears out with time. It is for this reason that after 30-35 years, many people develop a specific crunch in the knee joints, as well as pain in the back and neck.
Artrovex helps to relieve puffiness, blocks pain syndromes. It is able to improve the metabolism in the damaged area, thereby accelerating tissue regeneration that occurs at the cell level.
The cream is effective after injuries and fractures. It promotes rapid restoration of bone and cartilage tissues, thereby accelerating overall recovery.
The drug has no adverse reactions. It can be used by people of any gender and age. It does no harm to pregnant women, children and people with disabilities. It is worth noting that Artrovex is safe during breastfeeding because its components do not enter the bloodstream.

Ingredients. Composition

The drug is made from natural plant ingredients. The composition includes the following components:

  • ginseng root;
  • cedar nut oil;
  • elecampane extract;
  • tea tree oil;
  • clove oil;
  • cinquefoil extract;
  • propolis;
  • undermor;
  • Altai maral.

Thanks to the combination of these components, there is a positive effect on human joints.



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