What is it?

BigLover is a cream that is needed to solve problems associated with sexual dysfunction. It has a very effective effect on inflammatory processes (infections of the genitourinary system of the body that are provoked by infections or microorganisms), with pathologies of metabolic functions (stagnation, poor circulation) and difficulties with the intimate microflora (reduced susceptibility, negative sensations). The main characteristic of the product is considered to be its overall action and effectiveness for people of all ages. Efficiency is combined with harmlessness and also a complete absence of negative effects.

Instruction: How to use?

Big Lover is applied in a thin layer over the entire length of the genital organ, then rubbed in with light movements for a couple of minutes. There is absolutely no need to rinse off the drug. Do this operation once or twice a day. The duration of the course of use directly depends on the well-being of each patient and his sensitivity to the components of the drug. • The smallest course of use is recommended for prophylaxis and in the treatment of minor signs of the disease – it lasts 1 month; • Average course – recommended for acute symptoms of the disease and its duration is about 45 days; • The greatest course is used for constant and acute manifestations of the disease, the duration of this course is 60 days. In the interests of strengthening the effect, it is recommended to undergo repeated treatment after 90 days, but not later than six months from the first course.

How does it work?

When used, the drug destroys the pathogenic microflora (infections and microorganisms that can cause inflammatory reactions that reduce sexual intensity and sensitivity), the reflex reaction is resumed (the penis sensitivity increases, which returns the genital unit back to normal) and improves blood flow to the pelvic organs (if blood stagnates here, it poorly enters the genital organ). In addition to the main therapeutic effect – the restoration of potency, the active elements of the cream can normalize the intimate microflora (increase immunity to diseases, protect against microorganisms and infectious diseases).

Ingredients. Composition

Cream for external use, which is made from natural herbal ingredients.


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  • Natural composition
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Indications for use

The main purpose of the drug is to combat erectile dysfunction in men. BigLover is effective in the presence of inflammatory processes caused by infections in the genitourinary system caused by pathogenic microorganisms and the presence of problems with the intimate microflora.
When applied, the active components of the agent utilize pathogenic microorganisms, the reflex reaction is restored, and the blood flow in the pelvic area improves.
In addition to the main action, BigLover is characterized by an additional property – improvement of the intimate microflora.


Attention! Before taking the drug, it is recommended to consult a specialist. During the use of the drug, the appearance of an allergic rash is not excluded. It is recommended to take BigLover with caution to people with increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug.

Doctor’s review

Over the entire period of use, BigLover has gained popularity among men. The effectiveness of the drug is confirmed by a large number of reviews, most of which are written in a positive manner.

Customer Reviews

I have been working as a urologist in a polyclinic and a hospital for over 10 years. During the period of practical activity, I have occasionally encountered patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Especially after 35 years, I recommend that men take care of their own health. BigLover provides all possible assistance in disease prevention. This tool has been tested by a large number of my patients, a significant part of whom have achieved impressive results.

Fatigue, tension and nervousness at work negatively affected my well-being. This all resulted in problems with the intimate sphere. I did not postpone the solution of the problem until later. I immediately went to the doctor who recommended BigLover, bought the drug and started using it. After a certain period of time, I felt an improvement. I recommend BigLover to all those who, in spite of their years, want to be at their best in bed.

I tried the drug on the advice of a friend. The result was impressive. Recommend.


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