What is it?

Bioretin is a unique cream for eliminating wrinkles, healing, general rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck area, décolleté. The advantage of the product is the presence in the composition of a large number of nutrients, active substances of organic origin with healing properties. The components of the preparation have a complex effect on the skin – they moisturize the skin, increase the elasticity of tissues, stimulate blood circulation, and start the process of cell renewal.
The effectiveness of the cream is evidenced by data from clinical studies:

  • wrinkles between the eyebrows are eliminated by 77%;
  • Frontal wrinkles are smoothed by 76%;
  • mimic wrinkles in the eye area are eliminated by 56%;
  • the volume of nasolabial folds is reduced by 41%;
  • the overall skin tone is increased by 65%.

The water balance of the dermis is restored within 2 days after application of the product. In terms of its action, the cream is not inferior to the effect of procedures carried out in beauty salons.

Instruction: How to use?

The course of application of the cream is designed for 1 month. A small amount of the product is rubbed into the previously cleansed skin with light movements 2 times a day.

How does it work?

Penetrating deep into the dermis, the elements of the drug activate a number of processes:

  • regeneration, cell renewal;
  • normalization of metabolism, blood circulation, lymph flow;
  • restoration of water, fat balance of the epithelium;
  • stop inflammation, reduce swelling;
  • elimination of dryness, peeling of integuments;
  • increasing the firmness, elasticity of tissues.

The result of the action of the cream is the smoothing of folds, wrinkles, prevention of age-related aging of the skin. The skin acquires a natural shade, becomes smooth and taut.

Ingredients. Composition

The formula of the drug is developed based on the action of the following ingredients:

  • Glycerin. Promotes tissue hydration, healing and regeneration of damaged areas, elimination of toxins. Slows down aging and aging of the skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Restores moisture balance, improves the structure of the epidermis.
  • Collagen. Increases skin elasticity, activates the process of natural filling and smoothing of wrinkles.
  • Extracts from cucumber, lemon, parsley. Moisturize the epithelium, saturate tissues with nutrients. Tones up, strengthens the integument.
  • Extracts of chamomile, bearberry. They have a softening effect on the skin. Prevents the formation of new folds, cell destruction.
  • Complex of vitamins C and E. They normalize metabolic processes, blood flow, lymph flow. Restore the balance of fats and water in the epidermis.

The natural composition of the product eliminates the occurrence of allergic reactions, inflammation, skin irritation and other negative phenomena.



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