Black Latte What is it?

Black Latte

What is it?

Black latte is a coffee concentrate that is now actively used for weight loss, along with fitness classes. Thanks to the advertising, the drink is becoming popular and many are proving that the black latte trend really works.

Instruction: How to use?

Black latte is prepared in a glass of 200 ml, which contains 2 teaspoons of the concentrate. As recommended by advertisers, the charcoal latte should be drunk once a day and refrained from drinking in the evening, as this can lead to insomnia due to its invigorating properties.
Attention! If a person uses Latte as an exercise supplement, it should be drunk before exercise to lose weight. The caffeine and L-caratin present in the composition will work only under these conditions, if there is no load, the fatty acids will not dissolve.
A couple of rules for the best effect:
It is recommended to drink once a day, strictly after meals;
Engage in physical activity after consumption;
If a person does not visit sports / fitness rooms, it is better to drink in the morning after breakfast and go to work, take a walk.

How does it work?

Black latte can help you lose weight when combined with exercise. It speeds up the metabolism, using the components included in the composition. Latte improves brain activity and clarity of perception, consciousness. Chromium picolinate, after a meal, speeds up the work of insulin when glucose is elevated (after a meal).
L-caratin is involved in the transport of acids to muscle tissue, together with caffeine, they actively contribute to the burning of carbohydrates and fat reserves.
Contraindications and effectiveness
It is worth refraining from daily intake for people predisposed to diseases of the pancreas, pancreatitis, diabetes.
Pay attention and seek the advice of a specialist if symptoms appear that were not previously present, such as tingling in the lower abdomen.
After prolonged use (up to 3 months), take a break (from 3 to 6 months).
The drink is designed for people who want to change their lifestyle. Its price corresponds to the possible effect, given the right conditions (training, activity). By visiting gyms, doing fitness, combining this with latte intake, you can achieve the desired results (weight loss up to 2-5 kg ​​per month).

Ingredients. Composition

Latte increases the rate of lipid metabolism, thanks to the substance L-keratin. Their compounds promote the breakdown of fatty acids, which increases physical strength, clears the head and facilitates the ability to concentrate.
It also enhances the absorption of insulin secreted in the body through picolinate (chromium).
The composition contains activated carbon, which helps the intestines to cleanse themselves of toxins.
Natural absorbents involved in the gastrointestinal environment.


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Indications for use

Natural fat burning complex Black Latte is designed for gentle and safe weight loss. It is equally effective for overweight due to:

  • hypodynamia;
  • systematic overeating;
  • abuse of unhealthy food;
  • excess cholesterol in the blood;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • during pregnancy;
  • metabolic disorders.

The complex can also be taken for the prevention of primary or re-gaining weight, including full obesity.


The use of a slimming agent is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity of the body to certain ingredients of coffee powder. Do not drink a drink with hypertension, under age, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

Doctor’s review

Black Latte is a coffee complex for weight loss, which has no analogues yet, and they will not appear soon. In terms of its effectiveness, it significantly surpasses the popular and well-known green coffee. The drink removes toxins from the body and reduces appetite, which is important for gentle and gradual, but effective weight loss. This is not the first time I have prescribed this supplement to patients who, for one reason or another, have rapidly gained weight. And, observing the results, I understand that this remedy can replace even the most demanding diets.

Customer Reviews

I drank Black Latte for 3 courses with breaks of 3 months between each one. During this time, I noticed how my taste habits have changed dramatically. In addition, the portion sizes have significantly decreased, I am no longer drawn to sweets, starchy foods and salty as I used to. And for 3 courses of using the drink, I managed to get rid of 12 kg! I definitely recommend it!

Black Latte is better than slimming teas and obscure pills! Only one course was enough for me to put my figure in order. Yes, I didn’t have too many extra pounds, but in 1.5 months I managed to lose 6 kg. Not every drug is capable of this.

I’m not particularly inclined to believe in the effectiveness of such weight loss products. But that was before I started taking Black Latte. The drink has an amazing taste, and most importantly, after taking it for a long time, you don’t feel like eating at all. Thanks to the complex, I was finally able to refuse snacks, which I often sinned with. Overall, I managed to lose 6.5 kg in a fairly short period of time. Therefore, girls, I recommend this drink to you without a shadow of a doubt.


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