Bluestone What is it?


What is it?

Bluestone is a drug that allows men to regain their sexual health and get rid of problems in intimate life. The product is developed by urologists, so treatment always leads to recovery, and the course does not cause complications. The stimulant contains only natural components. Provides a positive effect in cases where erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological problems, insufficient circulation in the pelvic cavity. The drug also helps to restore potency if it has worsened due to hormone imbalance.

Instruction: How to use?

Drink Bluestone take on an empty stomach, before breakfast. Cook a portion like this: 20 drops of stimulant add to 200 ml of ungassed water, stir and drink. Concentrate to take only in the morning, once a day. The capsules take 1 piece, fasting, washed down with water. Preliminarily the remedy is not chewed. The therapeutic course does not exceed 1 month. To prevent the recurrence of problems with potency, the course is recommended to repeat once every six months.

How does it work?

Bluestone contributes to sufficient production of testosterone, on which the stability of libido depends. Causes improved circulation in the prostate, cleans the body of toxins. It contributes to the timely appearance of an erection. Increases sexual stamina. Normalizes the composition of ejaculate and prevents the development of infertility, stabilizes the intimate life.

Ingredients. Composition

Bluestone’s natural potency stimulant contains trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, plant antiseptics. Each of these components creates favorable conditions for the restoration of male sexual health. What functions the potency stimulant performs:

  • A.
  • Proposes the formation of prostate adenoma.
  • Reducing prostate inflammation.
  • Proposes premature ejaculation.
  • Whal blood circulation in the pelvic cavity.
  • Sing the body from toxins.

It is officially established that Bluestone is not addictive. Therefore, the man can stop using the potency stimulant at any time – it will not harm health. The remedy is characterized by good tolerance and no risk of complications. The drug by all criteria exceeds analogues, because it contains only natural components.


  • Low price
  • Natural composition
  • Media Reviews

Indications for use

Supplement for maintaining men’s health and preventing erection problems is indicated for all those who want to be at their best, satisfy their partner and stay healthy and strong. The drug is used for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.


The preparation contains natural remedies, the supplement has restrictions on intake. Contraindications include the age category of patients and intolerance to the components of the drug.

Doctor’s review

I have been working as a urologist for several decades. I have been repeatedly approached by patients who would like to preserve men’s health, but they do not always succeed. Treatment for erection problems is traditional and does not always give a full return to normal sex life. I am very glad that a drug has been found that can change the attitude towards the problem. I highly recommend this remedy to my patients.

Customer Reviews

With age, I noticed that I have problems with erection. I went to the doctor, he recommended Bluestone. I didn’t think I could get back to my normal life again, but I did. Also, taking the drug is the prevention of the occurrence of male diseases. I feel the best. The wife is happy. Sex and intimate life has improved. I recommend the drug to those who want to stay strong and healthy regardless of age.

Recently diagnosed with prostate adenoma. I take my health seriously, so I asked the doctor how I should be in such a situation, and from a specialist I learned about Bluestone. I decided to give it a try. The effect was seen after taking the drug for 2 weeks. When I bought the product, I didn’t believe this would happen. I recommend the drug for the treatment and prevention of male diseases associated with the reproductive system. It’s good that there is such a drug.

Over the years, I noticed that I was not the same in bed. I really want to return the old masculine strength. This made me go to the doctor’s appointment. With this question, I turned to a specialist, and he recommended Bluestone to me. I didn’t believe this would happen, but the drug is really effective in the fight and prevention of male diseases.


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