BunionFix What is it?


What is it?

The BunionFix is an innovative technology designed to correct hallux valgus. With its regular use, it is possible to get rid of the bumps on the leg and stop the symptoms that accompany this change.
Hallux valgus is a common problem. As a result of these changes, there are many troubles. To do the same, BunionFix is ​​used to remedy the situation.

Instruction: How to use?

While using BunionFix, no complications arise. It is enough to adhere to the following instructions:

  1. The tire is carefully removed from the packaging.
  2. The anchor elements stretch.
  3. The product is put on the affected leg.
  4. The Velcro is fixed in this position. So that the hinge equipped with a pad is directly on the bump itself. This will prevent tire twisting.
  5. Now you need to move your foot to the right and to the left, make sure that the ribbons do not dangle and do not overtighten the skin.
  6. There is a small drop-shaped cushion under the foot. With its help, the load during walking will be distributed as evenly as possible.

You should also make sure that the BunionFix is ​​always clean. To do this, it is recommended to wear a sock over the tire.

How does it work?

All the features of the foot were taken into account when creating the tire. Due to this, when using it, the thumb is not only straightened, but transverse flat feet are also eliminated. Accordingly, BunionFix not only eliminates the bump, but also fights the cause of its occurrence.

Ingredients. Composition

The tire is made from the highest quality materials that do not cause any negative changes. Even with increased sensitivity of the skin, redness, rash and irritation are not observed with the use of BunionFix.
The basis of this design is a retainer, for the manufacture of which a breathable material that does not cause allergies was used. It provides a complete exchange. Accordingly, there is no increased perspiration when using the splint.
To connect the main parts of the structure, plastic elements are used, which impose a unique composition. They do not squeeze the leg, do not interfere with full blood circulation, do not rub the skin. Thanks to the presence of Velcro, the tire can be easily adjusted to a tedious size.


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