What is it?

Candidol is a biological remedy for mycosis, safe to use, and works against over 300 types of fungal infections. Cream based on natural ingredients, performs antimycotic function, anti-inflammatory, restores the skin, takes care of immunity. This natural medicine relieves itching, regenerates the skin, and relieves fungal infections.
Candidol drug:

  • permanently kills infection;
  • heals damaged skin by completely regenerating tissue;
  • a positive result is guaranteed;
  • prevents recurrent diseases;
  • completely safe for children and adults.

Fungal infections are a common disease that is spread from one person to another when things are shared. Infection occurs as soon as possible, develops on the feet.
The most susceptible are those whose immunity is weakened, who previously had to get sick with this infection. According to statistics, 65% of citizens have dealt with a fungus during their life.

Instruction: How to use?

As with any medicated cream, Candidol fungal infection remedy must be distributed on washed and dry feet. It is necessary to apply the drug to the sole and toes, without fail paying special attention to the damaged areas. For prevention, it is necessary to smear the areas without visible damage, so the course of treatment will be more effective.

How does it work?

The tool completely solves the issue of skin and nail fungus. Clears the infection for just one day. Candidol protects against harmful bacteria, eliminates itching, relieves inflammation at the first application.
It should be noted that it easily finds itself under the nail plate and easily penetrates the inter-nail locations. The drug is absorbed, forming an effective protection in the epidermis.
The biologically active preparation also has a cosmetic effect: it nourishes, saturates the skin with moisture and useful microelements, stimulates the growth of nails, restores the nail plates, and deodorizes the feet.
Fungal infection is a dangerous ailment, it must be treated promptly and correctly. Everyone is personally responsible for their well-being. Take care of your health by conducting additional diagnostics and prophylaxis.

Ingredients. Composition

Usually, many do not even know they have a fungus. From year to year, you can ignore the obvious symptoms, for example, itching, transformation of the nail plate, unpleasant odor, increased sweating. Doctors dermatologists recommend taking the necessary measures without delay for such indications. In the opposite case, all loved ones, as well as others, are at risk.
Of course, additional prevention is always helpful. But often people become infected with fungal infections, which are in many ways insidious and painful.
Candidol contains a harmless and powerful patented formula that easily copes with any fungus, removing it permanently. Medicinal product without side effects. Biological substances of the drug increase the activity of immunity in the epidermis, remove the mycelium of the fungus.



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