Cardiotonus What is it?


What is it?

Cardiotonus is a complex preparation based on natural ingredients, created for high blood pressure, hypertension and for those who suffer from atherosclerosis. The drug not only eliminates symptoms, but also destroys the causes of their occurrence. This drug has undergone a large number of clinical trials in volunteers. The human study period is 3 weeks. During this time, 86 percent of the subjects said that the drug benefited their body. Their arrhythmia and tachycardia disappeared, their blood pressure also decreased and pains in the head disappeared. 10 percent of people noted that their well-being did improve, but their blood pressure did not decrease significantly. People with hypertension have experienced an improvement in appetite and sleep. Only 4 percent of all subjects stated that the drug had no effect on them. In general, the drug did not affect any person negatively. On the contrary, it helped to get rid of the symptoms of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Laboratory studies by independent experts have proven that the product is absolutely safe and none of the components that make up Cardiotonus will negatively affect the health of the buyer.

Instruction: How to use?

Cardiotonus is approved for use by patients, regardless of gender and age. The components do not cause allergies, they are completely safe for buyers, and are not prohibited even during pregnancy and lactation.
During use, observe the following rules:

  1. Use only warm water;
  2. If the preparation is in powder form, pour the contents into water and stir; if it’s a pill, just drink it with water;
  3. You can drink regardless of time and meal;

The course of treatment is 1 month.

How does it work?

The ingredients in Cardiotonus create a cumulative effect that lasts for 6 months after using the medicine.

Ingredients. Composition

It is because of its composition that Cardiotonus is so proud of its healing properties. Main ingredients:

  • Mistletoe. Regulates blood pressure and normalizes heart rhythm. It also helps to cleanse the walls of blood vessels from the accumulation of calcium, thereby excluding the development of thrombosis.
  • Eucomia. Prevents the development of vascular atherosclerosis. Normalizes choresterol levels.
  • Rauwolfia. Strengthens and stimulates the body to further work.
  • Tuzatka. Reduces blood pressure to a norm appropriate for age. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels with 23 vitamins and a routine. Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • Mordovnik. Increases capillary elasticity thanks to flavonoids and tannins included in the extract.



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