Normafeet Against fungus

Normafeet is an innovative product made from oils and natural ingredients. Its action is aimed at eliminating dermatomycosis in several planes. The active substances in the composition exhibit antiseptic, antibacterial properties. They start fighting fungus and spores immediately. The unique formula of the product acts on the causes of an unpleasant disease. Already after 1 […]

Fungalor Against fungus

Fungalor is a highly effective preparation, thanks to which you can reliably get rid of nail fungus and foot skin. The product contains only natural ingredients. They are characterized by good tolerance, health safety, and effectiveness in eliminating the infectious process. The cream can be used by men and women. The drug is effective in […]

Exodermin Against fungus

Exodermin is a unique dual-action drug that eliminates fungal infections at any stage, even the most advanced.

Zenidol Against fungus

Zenidol is an effective remedy against fungus. After all, the causes of the appearance of the fungus can be very different, from uncomfortable small shoes to infection through manicure tools. Often, the fungus appears in women who do pedicure, where the masters do not follow the rules of hygiene and do not disinfect the instruments […]

Fungonis Gel Against fungus
Fungonis Gel

Fungonis Gel is a natural preparation designed to eliminate fungus on the skin of feet and nails. The product consists of components of natural origin, which allows you to undergo treatment without complications and with a guarantee of recovery. The product is in the form of a gel, it is characterized by a moderately thick […]

Myceril Against fungus

Myceril is an organic cream designed to treat fungal infections. The product has a soothing and disinfecting effect. Helps get rid of foot fungus, eliminates itching and unpleasant odors. It is completely natural and does not cause side reactions. Fungal infections not only change the appearance of the skin and nails, but also cause bad […]

Candidol Against fungus

Candidol is a biological remedy for mycosis, safe to use, and works against over 300 types of fungal infections. Cream based on natural ingredients, performs antimycotic function, anti-inflammatory, restores the skin, takes care of immunity. This natural medicine relieves itching, regenerates the skin, and relieves fungal infections. Candidol drug: permanently kills infection; heals damaged skin […]

Fresh Fingers Against fungus
Fresh Fingers

Fresh Fingers is a hygienic foot care product intended for the prevention and treatment of fungus, increased sweating – hyperhidrosis. The drug is available in the form of a deodorant, which makes it more convenient to use. Recommended by dermatologists for home use without having to visit the clinic. The spray is quickly absorbed into […]