Profollica Hair

Profollica is an innovative complex against hair loss. When using it, this process is blocked, and dormant follicles are awakened. As a result, the hair becomes much thicker and stronger. Included in this complex is an additive and a gel, which provide a pronounced and lasting effect. The risk of hair loss is noted in […]

Follixin Hair

Follixin are anti-baldness capsules that restore the natural biological process of hair growth, which leads to hair strengthening and regeneration of the follicles. Follixin has comprehensive anti-dandruff and frizz protection to keep your hair healthy and silky.

Profolan Hair

Profolan is a nutritional supplement that contains the innovative Grow3 formula that successfully stimulates hair growth while maintaining its natural color. Supplements can be used by men and women suffering from baldness and hair loss. The effect of Grow3 on hair has been proven in clinical studies.

Locerin Hair

Locerin is a quality product that can help eliminate hair problems, including hair loss. The products are designed for home use. It is in the form of capsules, there are 60 of them in 1 bottle. The composition of the preparation is exclusively natural. The products have passed laboratory and clinical examination and have confirmed […]

Folisin Hair

Folisin is a hair care and appearance product. Available in capsule form for oral administration. This tool will help get rid of hair loss, dullness, split ends, increased fragility. Folisin is effective against various diseases of the scalp epidermis. Dandruff, seborrhea. The peculiarity of Folisin is that it can be used at any age. This […]

Vita Hair Man Hair
Vita Hair Man

Vita Hair Man is an effective remedy, thanks to its unique properties, it is guaranteed to get rid of hair problems and prevent baldness. The drug is made taking into account the individual characteristics of the male body. The product is in the form of capsules, their composition is approved by practicing endocrinologists and trichologists. […]

Hair Care Panda Hair
Hair Care Panda

Hair Care Panda is a company dedicated to producing a variety of hair care products that perfectly revitalize and nourish hair. She was able to win the hearts of many women in several countries. The peculiarity of Hair Care Panda is that these products are made in the form of gummies, which are also vegan. […]

Jelly Bear Hair Hair
Jelly Bear Hair

Jelly Bear Hair is a quality product that can help you get rid of hair-related problems. The form of production is a mask, it contains only natural ingredients, therefore, it ensures efficiency in 100% of cases of its use. The drug is developed according to the formula created by medical practitioners, therefore it does not […]