What is it?

CBDus is a remedy designed to support the immune system.
To prevent the occurrence of infections and diseases, it is necessary to ensure reliable protection of your immune system. An active lifestyle, proper nutrition, hardening, and playing sports can help in this.
In addition, experts believe that the use of supplements of certain vitamins, minerals, herbs and other compounds helps to improve the functioning of the immune system and creates protection for the body against disease. One such drug is CBDus.
The manufacturer recommends taking the drug for such phenomena as:

  • weak immunity;
  • frequent colds and infectious diseases;
  • loss of strength.

Instruction: How to use?

CBDus comes in capsule form for oral administration. They must be taken three times a day, one at a time, before or after meals it does not matter. The drug should be taken with a large volume of liquid. It is recommended to drink a glass of still water before use.
The duration of the course of admission is calculated individually and depends on the age category and state of health of the patient and can vary from 40 days to 2.5 months.
To consolidate the effect, the manufacturer recommends taking another course – 3-6 months after the completion of the previous one.

How does it work?

CBDus has the following effects:

  • elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • blood purification;
  • stimulation of the regeneration process of damaged and diseased tissues;
  • beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • destruction of fungi, viruses and bacteria.

When compared to similar drugs available in pharmacies, CBDus capsules have many benefits. The drug has a gentle effect, has no contraindications, does not cause side effects, and provides a quick effect.

Ingredients. Composition

The product contains only natural plant extracts, there are no hormonal and synthetic additives in the product. All the substances that make up its composition contribute not only to an increase in the bodys resistance to viral diseases and infections, but also to enhance the action of each other.


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Indications for use

CBDus is recommended for use in the following conditions:

  • weak immunity;
  • frequent colds;
  • loss of energy;
  • common infectious diseases.


Individual intolerance to individual components.

Doctor’s review

In my opinion, CBDus is a good prophylactic agent, indispensable during an exacerbation of seasonal viral and infectious diseases. Provides excellent support for the immune system, and also fights infections and viruses of various origins. If you follow the regimen, the drug demonstrates very high efficiency.

Customer Reviews

I took a course using CBDus several times for prophylactic purposes and at the first manifestations of a cold. He always helped me well, my condition was restored in a couple of days. So I recommend this remedy to everyone, especially to those who lead a very active lifestyle and cannot afford to get sick at the most inopportune moment. For those who have a graph calculated in seconds, CBDus is an indispensable helper that can protect against viruses and infection.

I first bought CBDus capsules in the fall, when the period of seasonal illness came and everyone around me was sneezing and coughing. At first I planned to protect myself with folk remedies, like garlic, but then I abandoned this venture and, on the recommendation of a friend, bought a natural remedy CBDus. Works for 5 plus! In the autumn-winter period, I only had cold symptoms once, but when I started drinking these capsules, everything went away at once. Now I always keep them in my first aid kit and plan to take them in case of illness.

In the spring, I always feel weak, fatigue. Apparently, the lack of vitamins and the sun affects (I live in a region where there are few sunny days). In such a state, it is difficult to work and even carry out ordinary daily activities. I started looking for a way to support my body in this case, and found information on the Internet about CBDus capsules, according to the description, everything suited me, so I immediately decided to order them. I was also very pleased with the action of this remedy. My state of health has improved significantly, my energy has increased, I feel vigorous and full of strength. My sincere thanks to the manufacturer of this wonderful product!


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