Clean Forte What is it?

Clean Forte

What is it?

Clean Forte is an innovative preparation for getting rid of parasites. It acts gently and safely, so it can be used both for prophylaxis and for treatment.

Instruction: How to use?

It is recommended to take Clean Forte drops according to the instructions: for adults 2 times a day 15-30 minutes before meals, for children – 1 time a day. The product must be taken with a glass of clean water at room temperature. During treatment, a drinking regimen should be observed. The therapeutic course is on average 30 to 45 days. For preventive purposes, it is enough to take the drug for 7 days.

How does it work?

After the start of the intake, positive changes begin to occur: digestion is normalized, the skin condition improves significantly, rashes and irritation pass. In addition, the blood, liver and lungs are cleaned, headaches go away, the tone of the body rises, putrefactive deposits in the gastrointestinal tract disappear.

Ingredients. Composition

The product contains herbal ingredients:

  • Sprouted grains of wheat, corn and oats. They enhance the beneficial effects of all components, enrich the cells of the body, restoring their strength and activity.
  • Birch leaves. This substance effectively destroys worms, has antiseptic and antifungal properties.
  • Sumach berry juice. Eliminates worms, eliminates unpleasant fermentation in the intestines, has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Ferula Dzungarian. It removes worms from the body, fights bacteria, fungus and various viruses.
  • Tansy flowers. They destroy almost all types of parasites: lamblia, tapeworms, pinworms, roundworms and others.
  • Wormwood. Destroys and removes parasites and their waste products, normalizes digestion, has a choleretic effect.
  • Thistle. Known for antiviral, antibacterial properties. Effectively eliminates helminths, destroys their eggs, prevents the possibility of re-infection.
  • Garlic extract. Fights parasites, eliminates the processes of putrefaction and decomposition in the intestines.
  • Common Bearberry. Cleanses the body, has an antiseptic, diuretic effect, eliminates bacteria and prevents various inflammations.
  • Echinacea. Strengthens the immune system, increases the body’s resistance to various viruses, restores internal organs after being damaged by parasites.


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Indications for use

Clean Forte is designed to cleanse and restore the liver.


The product has no side effects, is not addictive to the body. Before use, you can consult a doctor.

Doctor’s review

Parasitic infections are now widespread. But patients do not take it seriously, and even after realizing the problem, many do not start treatment or receive insufficient treatment. This is hazardous to health! So if there are even doubts, I recommend taking a course of treatment with Clean Forte. Now in our clinic, this drug is in the first place, both for treatment and for prevention.
The drug has three stages of action: First stage: cleansing. At this stage, the drug removes from the liver all toxins, harmful substances, toxins, excess bad cholesterol, which completely restores the work of both the liver itself and the entire digestive tract. Also, by the way, it regulates body weight, eliminates all kinds of allergies and skin rashes. Second stage: regeneration. At this stage, all wounds and injuries that are on the liver and inside its cells are restored, all harmful bacteria and viruses are destroyed, the normalization of bile is normalized, inflammatory processes are eliminated, and the formation of tumors is prevented. This is an excellent prevention and action. Stage three: protection. At this stage, the drug begins to actively develop liver immunity and completely prevents the risk of liver disease.
We have cured many patients with Clean Forte. But we must not reach the dangerous level of the disease, it is better not to let it develop, it is easier to prevent than to cure.

Customer Reviews

Recently, my health has noticeably deteriorated. After the tests, it turned out that I have parasites in my body. The doctor recommended that I buy Clean Forte, which I did. After the first week of using it, I felt a noticeable improvement. I am very glad!

I have had problems with the gastrointestinal tract for a long time. After a long search for a reliable product, a friend bought me a Clean Forte. I immediately started applying it. After a full course of treatment, I no longer feel any problems with my body.

Clean Forte helped me to remove all toxins from the body, which I am very happy about. After 2 months of using the product, my body has recovered to its previous state.


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