Clean Vision What is it?

Clean Vision

What is it?

Clean Vision is the latest development of Russian scientists and doctors, presented by them as a drug for effective improvement of vision. It is made from only natural ingredients and is intended to improve the functioning of the optic nerves. In addition, it serves as an excellent prophylactic agent against the threat of ophthalmic diseases.
Partial loss of visual acuity can occur for a variety of reasons. These can be age-related changes in the body, prolonged stress on the eyes (working at a computer or reading in poor lighting, etc.). Regular vitamins and special eye exercises are usually not enough for its rapid recovery. Here, an integrated approach is needed, when, along with special exercises, medications are taken, which eventually restore visual analyzers.

Instruction: How to use?

The procedure for using the proposed tool is not at all complicated. To restore normal vision and eliminate the possibility of eye diseases, you will need to take just one capsule a day. After that, she is washed down with a small amount of water, and the intake continues for two months. If necessary, such a course is repeated after about 30 days.

How does it work?

The healing effect of “Clean Vision” is manifested as follows:

  • papaya fruits improve the throughput of the visual channels, and also restore the functioning of the lens of the eye;
  • lutein pigment strengthens the retina, restoring metabolic processes and normalizing eye pressure;
  • calendula acts as an anti-inflammatory agent with a simultaneous regenerating effect.
  • Finally, blackcurrant extract normalizes blood circulation, protecting the eyes from UV exposure and replenishing the lack of vitamins and minerals in the blood.

Ingredients. Composition

According to the instructions attached to the medicine, the effect of the treatment with “Cleanvision” is achieved thanks to the natural ingredients included in it. Their composition is presented below as a list of various substances and plants. It:

  • Lutein pigment element.
  • Papaya fruit.
  • Calendula.
  • Black currant.

To prepare papaya medicine from them, an extract is made, and the last two ingredients (calendula and black currant) are added in the form of liquid extracts.



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