What is it?

Detonic is a fundamentally new approach to therapy in the treatment of hypertension. With increased pressure, the heart gradually wears out, pathological processes occur in the nervous and vascular system.
A dangerous consequence of a chronic disease is an acute disturbance of brain activity in stroke. The complex effect of the drug is aimed at a stable decrease and stabilization of pressure, which opens new boundaries for treatment and prevention of complications.

Instruction: How to use?

To obtain a lasting result, it is recommended to complete the full course of taking the drug (from 15 to 30 days). Detonic acts quickly and remains highly active for 6 hours.
The course of therapy includes a dosage of 1 teaspoon in the morning and evening after meals. It is recommended to drink it with clean cool water for assimilation. Do not exceed the recommended dose! However, no additional medication is required.

How does it work?

The drug helps block the synthesis of specific proteins in the heart muscle cells that regulate blood pressure. Detonic strengthens the heart and stimulates the autonomic nervous system. The drug cleans blood vessels and prevents an increase in blood cholesterol.
The principle of action includes a combination of high performance and the absence of allergic reactions. With regular use of the drug:

  • pressure decreases;
  • heart rhythm returns to normal;
  • headache disappears;
  • cholesterol level drops;
  • tinnitus passes;
  • the general condition of the patient is stabilized.

Detonic does not cause changes in the disease and leads to a complete cure of hypertension.

Ingredients. Composition

Detonic consists of natural ingredients. They are of plant origin and collected in ecological zones. The composition includes:

  • Aloe leaves (extract). It contains polysaccharides combined with zinc, selenium and copper. It increases immunity, helps to strengthen nerves and heart muscle.
  • Hawthorn. Reception of fruits dilates blood vessels, prevents the formation of cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels and improves blood count. Hawthorn lowers blood pressure and normalizes heart rate.
  • Pumpkin seeds (extract). It has a positive effect on the properties of erythrocytes, which ensure the growth and reproduction of cells.
  • Lemongrass. Has a diuretic effect, removes excess fluid.
  • Chaga birch mushroom (extract). Strengthens the heart, blood vessels and respiratory organs. Increases immunity and normalizes metabolism. Chaga is used in oncology and to stimulate the central nervous system.



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