Ems-Trainer What is it?


What is it?

The Ems-Trainer is a muscle stimulator belt designed to positively affect human muscles through weak electrical impulses. As a result, muscle contractions occur, and their physical activity is also ensured even during that period of time when the human body as a whole is in a state of complete rest. The currents generated by the body trainer described above are similar to brain signals.
The name “Ems-Trainer” itself includes two words: EMS (translated from English, this abbreviation means the term “electrical stimulation”) and Trainer (translated as “trainer”). That is, the device plays the role of a personal trainer organizing a sports activity for a person in order to stimulate the activity of his muscles.

Instruction: How to use?

This abdominal trainer adheres perfectly to the skin. Due to its own universal model in use and a well-chosen degree of impulses, which is 20 Hz, the Ems-Trainer can be used for almost any part of the human body, including arms, legs and back.
The myostimulator belt can be worn by people of various constitutions, and it is perfect for both novice athletes and experienced ones.
The device has one and a half dozen power adjustment modes, which allows its owners to manually select the strength of the pulses of the desired regularity.

How does it work?

The device is used to increase muscle mass, eliminate excess fat deposits. It improves blood circulation, slightly reduces weight, and fills the blood vessels with a certain amount of oxygen.
Ems-Trainer is suitable for people who:

  • are unable to work out in the gym on a regular basis;
  • are sedentary but still want their muscles to be physically challenged sometimes;
  • want to remove unnecessary fat without any difficulty;
  • want to spend more time playing sports.

As a result, at the present time, the device is actively used to keep the body in good shape, to enhance the external attractiveness of the body, as well as to effectively recover from injuries.
The result from using the Ems-Trainer can be seen within a week after the start of use.

Ingredients. Composition

The main component of the device is silicone, which perfectly follows the outlines of any shape.


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