Eretron Aktiv What is it?

Eretron Aktiv

What is it?

Eretron Aktiv is an effective remedy, thanks to which you can restore and strengthen potency. The product is made from natural ingredients, the combination of which allows not only to get rid of male health problems, but also to significantly improve the condition of the whole organism. Numerous laboratory tests and tests have shown the high efficiency of this tool. It is completely safe and aimed at maintaining the body in good shape.

Instruction: How to use?

The drug must be taken 3 times a day after meals. It is recommended to drink the capsules with a sufficient amount of water for better absorption of the active microelements that make up the product. The course of admission is 1 month.

How does it work?

Eretron Aktiv has a positive effect on all internal organs of the male body. Due to the regular intake of the drug, the work of the cardiovascular, nervous systems and the gastrointestinal tract improves. Blood flows in sufficient quantities to the pelvic organs, providing strong potency for a long time. The erection becomes strong, premature ejaculation is excluded. Sexual arousal increases, stagnant processes in the organs of the reproductive system disappear.

Ingredients. Composition

  • Maca root – fights erectile dysfunction, having a positive effect on the entire genitourinary system of the body. Its active components increase testosterone production and improve the overall state of hormonal levels. Thanks to this, libido increases, erection problems decrease.
  • Panax ginseng leaves are considered to be a natural aphrodisiac. Enhance sperm production, improve sperm quality, increase sexual desire. They have an anti-inflammatory effect, improve the condition of the tissues of internal organs.
  • Sabal palm fruits – significantly strengthens the central nervous system, helps to reduce the negative effects of stress. Strengthen blood flow, contribute to the saturation of cells of the genital organ with oxygen. Thanks to this, erection improves, sexual intercourse is significantly prolonged, and the possibility of premature ejaculation is reduced.
  • Selenium – improves the functioning of the circulatory system, due to which the organs of the small pelvis are saturated with oxygen and nutrients in sufficient quantities. It also has an antimicrobial effect, stimulates the body to remove decay products faster.


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