What is it?

Fish XXL is an effective and reliable bite activator in the form of a spray for those who are fond of fishing at any time of the year. This lure provides a large catch even in harsh winter conditions. Its high efficiency is the result of a well-chosen composition, which is suitable for all types of fish and makes all representatives of the aquatic world a very strong appetite. Using Fish XXL while fishing, you will always have great bite and never come home empty-handed.

Instruction: How to use?

There are several ways to use Fish XXL. It all depends on what kind of fish you are hunting. If we are talking about small and peaceful individuals, then you will need to process the bait 2-4 times. In the event that you “hunt” for large and predatory fish, the specified amount may not be enough. Therefore, for such situations, it is recommended to spray the bait no less than 7-8 times. After you have already caught a few fish, be sure to repeat the procedure for spraying the bait with the bait.

How does it work?

The action of Fish XXL is based primarily on the fact that it contains biologically active substances that emit a powerful aroma and thus attract fish. Moreover, he acts at a rather impressive distance. In addition, the Fish XXL lure stimulates the fish’s appetite, so that the bite is always more than successful. It is noteworthy that it acts primarily on large fish, which have more strongly developed instincts and appetite. Thanks to this, in a short time you will be able to catch significantly more fish than usual. You can use Fish XXL at any time of the year in different water bodies: rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.

Ingredients. Composition

The Fish XXL formula includes a number of unique ingredients, most of which are of natural origin:

  • kaffir lime: has a powerful aroma that attracts bream, crucian carp, carp and other fish;
  • hemp oil: one of the strongest attractants for fish, which smells it from a fairly long distance;
  • squid protein: a favorite treat for fish, especially for larger fish;
  • elephant garlic: the strong aroma of this plant attracts primarily predatory species;
  • synthesized pheromones: a complex of active substances that provide additional stimulation of the appetite in fish.



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