What is it?

The Fly Bra is an invisible bra designed to be worn under open clothing. The product is designed taking into account the characteristics of the physique of women and the anatomy of their breasts. The product emphasizes the neckline and makes the look elegant. An innovative design designed for everyday use. Only positive reviews remained from the use of the bra, as this is a high-quality product designed for a long period of comfortable wearing.

Instruction: How to use?

The rules for using Fly Bra are specified in the instructions attached to the product packaging:
The product should only be worn on clean, dry skin. If there is moisture in the neck area, then the product does not fit well to the breast.
Place the bra over your chest and slide it over the surface so that the inside of the cups are against your skin.
Tighten the lace to form the correct chest.
After that, make sure that the bra is fastened and you can put on your clothes. Fly Bra is designed for everyday use, the manufacturers have not limited the life of the product, which makes the purchase a reasonable decision.

How does it work?

The Fly Bra lifts the breasts, thanks to the drawstring of the cups, the 2 breasts come closer together, which favorably affects the appearance of the décolleté area. The concealer allows you to wear open dresses and tops – the underwear does not protrude from the clothes. Thanks to the correct positioning of the invisible bra, it does not move from the chest even with daily physical activity.

Ingredients. Composition

The Fly Bra bra differs from a regular bra by the absence of straps and a back that matches the circumference of the body under the bust.
The product looks like two cups made of soft material. On the inside, each of them is covered with special silicone. Thanks to this, the product fits snugly on the chest and does not shift when worn.
There are openings inside the bra cup for air to enter the breasts. Therefore, when using a Fly bra, the neckline does not fade.
The silicone covering the inside of the shapewear is hypoallergenic. The fabric of the main body of the product allows, if necessary, to subject it to hygienic processes without sacrificing functionality and appearance.



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