Fungonis Gel What is it?

Fungonis Gel

What is it?

Fungonis Gel is a natural preparation designed to eliminate fungus on the skin of feet and nails. The product consists of components of natural origin, which allows you to undergo treatment without complications and with a guarantee of recovery. The product is in the form of a gel, it is characterized by a moderately thick consistency, plant smell, fast absorption. The tool can be used by men and women. The drug is effective even in cases where other methods have proved to be useless. The product has been awarded a high quality certificate.

Instruction: How to use?

Fungonis Gel must be applied as described in the accompanying instructions. Process fabrics at least 2 times a day. Apply the product only to clean skin of the problem area. On average, the duration of therapy is 1 month. The initial improvement in well-being (elimination of pain and itching) is observed after several applications of the gel.

How does it work?

The remedy for the fungus Fungonis Gel has anti-inflammatory, emollient, regenerating properties. Promotes healing of damaged areas, elimination of the pathological process, restoration of tissues – skin and nails. Disinfects; relieves itching, pain and redness. Regulates the function of the sweat glands located in the tissues of the feet and prevents the increased secretion of secretions with an unpleasant odor.

Ingredients. Composition

Fungonis Gel is a special product because it does not contain the characteristic synthetic components. Its formula contains only medicinal chamomile extract, as well as a wide range of vitamins and microelements. All these substances perform several functions at once:

  • Stops the growth and reproduction of fungal microflora.
  • Prevents foot sweating.
  • Restores nail plates.
  • Strengthens tissues, prevents the expansion of the spectrum of inflammation.
  • Prevents unpleasant foot odor.
  • Exfoliate crusts and keratinized cells from surfaces affected by the fungus.

Fungonis Gel helps to eliminate fungal diseases in the acute phase of its development, without going into the chronic stage. This allows you to undergo treatment as quickly as possible with health benefits.
Before going on sale, Fungonis Gel was sent for the necessary expertise. Antifungal efficacy of the drug – officially proven.



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