What is it?

Gelarex is an innovative treatment for hemorrhoids. The drug compares favorably with analogues in its ability to provide an integrated approach to the treatment of the disease. Regular use of this gel allows you to eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, block the action of factors contributing to its occurrence, and prevent the development of dangerous complications (anal fissures, rectal fistulas, paraproctitis, rectal tumors, anemia).

Instruction: How to use?

According to the manufacturers instructions, the gel should be applied twice a day (immediately after waking up and shortly before going to bed). In this case, you must follow the following scheme:

  1. thoroughly wash problem areas with warm water and soap and dry them with a clean towel;
  2. squeeze out a small amount of gel from the tube;
  3. apply a thin layer of the drug to hemorrhoids and surrounding areas of the skin;
  4. wait until the product is completely absorbed.
  5. The minimum duration of the course of therapy is 30 days.

    How does it work?

    The active components of the gel have a complex healing effect on problem areas. When used regularly according to the instructions, this medication:

    • eliminates pain, burning, itching, foreign body sensation in the anorectal zone;
    • heals microcracks, accelerates tissue regeneration;
    • stops bleeding;
    • prevents blood clots;
    • strengthens the venous walls, increases their tone;
    • narrows the pathologically dilated vessels, thereby facilitating the resorption of hemorrhoids;
    • stops the spread of the inflammatory process;
    • reduces puffiness;
    • removes congestion.

    A full course of treatment using Gelarex gel allows not only to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but also to minimize the risk of relapse.

    Ingredients. Composition

    The gel contains 9 active ingredients:

    • serenoia fruits – narrow pathologically dilated veins, eliminate edema, relieve pain syndrome, exhibit venotonic properties;
    • common yarrow – stops bleeding, blocks the spread of inflammatory processes;
    • fruits of palm-shaped sabal – eliminate pain, burning and itching in the anus;
    • aloe juice – anti-inflammatory;
    • oak bark – stops bleeding, destroys pathogenic microflora, eliminates edema, strengthens the venous walls;
    • pharmacy chamomile – activates regeneration processes, exhibits antiseptic and analgesic properties;
    • potato tubers – relieve inflammation;
    • garlic – has antibacterial, analgesic and anticancer properties;
    • celandine – eliminates inflammation and itching.

    The drug does not contain synthetic additives, hormonal substances and other components that can provoke the development of adverse reactions.


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