Golden Caviar Mask What is it?

Golden Caviar Mask

What is it?

Golden Caviar Mask is a set of 10 sheet face masks containing caviar extract. Thanks to a unique ingredient, the skin becomes radiant and healthy.

Instruction: How to use?

Each mask is individually packaged. Before use, you need to wash your face, rub it with a tonic, and then remove the mask and place it on the entire surface of the face for 15-20 minutes. After this time, the mask must be carefully removed and lightly massaged onto the face to fully absorb the moisturizing serum. You do not need to wash off. The procedure should be repeated 3 times a week for best results.

How does it work?

An ultra-thin mask relieves dryness, nourishes the skin, removes peeling, and stops the aging process. In addition, it gives the skin firmness and elasticity, visibly strengthens turgor, eliminates the feeling of tightness. During the procedure, the protective functions of the skin are gradually restored, the lipid barrier of the epidermis is strengthened, the negative impact of the environment is neutralized. After the procedure, the complexion improves. The serum in the mask is a highly concentrated gel essence that deeply penetrates into all layers of the skin, nourishes it and maintains the necessary level of moisture. The mask is made of ultra-thin material that fits snugly to the face and promotes the penetration of nutrients. The product is recommended for all skin types from the age of 25.

Ingredients. Composition

The mask contains the following ingredients:

  • Colloidal gold 24K. Provides protection of the skin from ultraviolet radiation, brightens age spots, helps active substances penetrate into the deepest layers. Hyaluronic acid. Intensively moisturizes the skin for a long period, prevents moisture evaporation.
  • Caviar extract. Contains a large amount of vitamins and amino acids, which nourish the skin of the face and rejuvenate it, and also smoothes deep and expression lines. Wormwood leaf extract. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal action. Effectively fights acne.
  • Medicinal calendula extract. It has an antiviral effect on the skin of the face, restores it, eliminates redness, itching, irritation, eliminates oily sheen. Active ingredients provide a lifting effect, rejuvenate and nourish.


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