Goya Thermo-Gel What is it?

Goya Thermo-Gel

What is it?

Goya Thermo-Gel is a medicine designed to combat cellulite deposits. This gel has a high lipolytic activity, does not allow the development of cellulite, after using it on a constant basis, the skin becomes very smooth and elastic.

Instruction: How to use?

During the massage session, the above-described drug should be applied to problem areas of the skin until it is completely absorbed. Apply several times every day – in the morning and in the evening. Experts advise to use a continuous course of treatment lasting 1 month so that the action of Goya Thermo-Gel is long-term and effective.

How does it work?

The gel effectively solves the problem of the appearance of fatty deposits. Due to the regular use of the drug, a pleasant appearance of the skin returns, blood circulation improves, and the activity of metabolic processes in the human body is enhanced. The drug perfectly destroys edema and reduces oxidative stress. In addition, Goya Thermo-Gel will help reduce the external symptoms of stretch marks in particular and cellulite in general. Due to the tonic elements of natural origin, it improves blood circulation in the skin, which makes the skin denser and taut, and also gives it an even shade. After using the drug, the skin is filled with all the substances it needs.
Natural components prevent moisture removal from the cells of the skin, as a result of which new stretch marks do not appear on it. They instantly enter the skin layers and enhance the process of cellular rejuvenation, as well as activate the smoothing of the skin texture. The gel warms the skin membrane, the metabolic processes in its cells return to their normal state of functioning. When using Goya Thermo-Gel, the skin does not get irritated. The drug is suitable for any skin, even the most dry and sensitive, since it has no contraindications and currently no negative effects have been found after its use.

Ingredients. Composition

The drug is made on a natural basis from plants with beneficial properties that make the skin pleasant to the touch. The acids and vitamins in Goya Thermo-Gel improve the action of the main elements and help to make the skin velvety.


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