Hondrogel What is it?


What is it?

Hondrogel is a remedy for the restoration of joints in case of various injuries and diseases. The drug is aimed at combating swelling and joint pain. It also relieves inflammation and muscle tension. It heals damaged cartilage tissue, thereby increasing joint mobility. Helps to successfully fight joint diseases. This increases overall flexibility. It is recommended by doctors for osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthritis and arthrosis. Especially often this drug is used by athletes of various sports and simply people whose lifestyle is associated with the risk of joint injury. Thanks to the release of muscle tension, a person can calmly rest after prolonged physical exertion.

Instruction: How to use?

It is used externally, applied 2-3 times a day on problem joints, or places that hurt for one reason or another. There are side effects in the use of the drug, expressed in hypersensitivity after application.

How does it work?

It assists in the restoration of the cartilaginous surfaces of the joints and spine. Reduces the disease-causing component of the joints during daily stress, heals micro-injuries of the joints. Produces stimulation of the production of cartilage tissue instead of damaged. By assisting the body in the production of collagen and polyoglutan, bone and cartilage tissue is restored. Places of muscle attachment to the joint are strengthened with microelements and vitamin B1 and B6.
For the most part, it is used for the prevention of concomitant nervous disorders. With stress on the spine, depression and irritation develop, since the spinal discs are constantly under pressure and this poses a threat to the central nervous system.
Therefore, the use of this tool is capable of not only producing a list of measures in the treatment of diseases associated with joints. But also a general calming effect, especially appreciated by athletes and people whose lifestyle is associated with risk or with an aggressive environment. He also proved himself well in use after injuries, dislocations, bruises.

Ingredients. Composition

Consists of:

  • glucosamine hydrochloride;
  • aristophlex;
  • chondroitin sulfate;
  • camphor mass;
  • menthol;
  • juniper oil;
  • eucalyptus oils;
  • arnica oil;
  • placental protein hydrolyzate;
  • vitamins B1 B6;
  • rosemary oil;
  • thyme oil;
  • propylene glycol;
  • diazolidinyl urea;
  • methylparaben;
  • propylparaben.


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Indications for use

Hondrogel is indicated for the treatment of inflammatory, degenerative, dystrophic, autoimmune and infectious diseases of the joints. The indications for the use of this remedy are:

  • joint pain;
  • swelling in the joints;
  • inflammation of the articular structures;
  • impaired mobility of the bone joints;
  • crunch, crackle in joints.

Hondrogel is approved for prophylactic use.


Hondrogel is contraindicated for persons who are allergic to the active and auxiliary components of the product. It is forbidden to apply the drug to damaged skin.

Doctor’s review

Hondrogel is a unique development that prompted doctors to completely change the way they treat joint diseases. Thanks to this gel, many of my patients managed to avoid surgeries and completely restore the work of the joint structures in a matter of weeks. Based on my practical experience, I declare that Hondrogel proves its effectiveness even in advanced cases that cannot be treated with other drugs. This is one of the safest and most effective remedies for joint diseases on the market today!

Customer Reviews

In her youth, she was professionally engaged in mountaineering, received many injuries. However, I faced the real consequences of this only now: the elbow joints began to ache, a crunch and click in the knees appeared. A month ago I started using Hondrogel, and I can already see the result. The pains stopped, the mobility of the joints was restored, the crunching almost completely disappeared. The gel really solved the problem, and saved me from having to inject chondroprotectors in the hospital. I am very pleased with this product!

Every time before a change of weather, the joints begin to hurt a lot. Only Hondrogel saves: I rub it into problem areas, and after 5-7 minutes I forget about the pain. I like that the gel contains only natural ingredients: chemical preparations from the pharmacy often cause me allergies. In general, the tool is excellent, it’s hard to even imagine what I would do without it!

I use Hondrogel for back pain. I have already managed to make sure that it not only quickly solves the problem, but also (unlike pharmacy counterparts) does not irritate the skin. I have advised this remedy to my friends many times, and have always received positive feedback from them. The drug is really worthwhile, I recommend it to everyone!


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