Immediate Edge What is it?

Immediate Edge

What is it?

Immediate Edge is software that allows you to easily trade bitcoin. It is based on the most advanced computer algorithms. They collect information from all over the world, capturing a huge amount of news coming from all over the world. This information is then divided into 2 categories: fundamental and technical analysis. After that, the program, relying on the available indicators, makes only trading decisions that are beneficial for the user. This approach to work is considered more accurate than human transactions.

How do I open an account?

To use Immediate Edge, you need to go through the registration process, after which the new user will be assigned his personal broker. He will help you complete all the following actions as easily and quickly as possible.
After registration, a demo account will be available where you can practice trading. But in order to start the real trading process, you will need to make a minimum deposit. This is exactly the amount with which all future trading operations will be performed. It will be 250 euros or 250 pounds. After the payment is made, the real trading mode is activated.

How does it work?

Despite the fact that Immediate Edge independently makes trading decisions and works on behalf of the investor, the user is recommended to devote 10-20 minutes a day to track the results of transactions with cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, this program works steadily, bringing both an experienced trader and a beginner a steady income and confidence in the future every week.

This is a lie?

Immediate Edge uses the services of only trusted brokers who have proven themselves well in the cryptocurrency market. The developers have designed it using the most advanced technologies, in particular, only perfect algorithms are involved in the software. Also, any user is given the opportunity to try a demo account before starting real trading. This does not require any investment. All user data is securely protected and GDPR compliant.
All this, as well as many successful clients who enjoy working with this platform, suggests that Immediate Edge cannot be a deception. The program is completely legal and has passed the necessary checks.


  • Accepts debit and credit cards
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Advanced trading platform
  • Reliability and safety


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