Immune Defence What is it?

Immune Defence

What is it?

Immune Defense is a drug that can boost immunity. It is worth noting that a large number of people nowadays do not get the right amount of vitamins in order to feel more energetic and active. In this situation, most patients search for an easy and fast way, as well as a cost-saving way. However, it must be said that drugs that include chemical elements can often carry side effects. Among them it is worth noting: increased pressure, blood clots, complication on the heart and more. In order to avoid the above, it is necessary to consult with experienced doctors who can prescribe natural drugs that are of great effectiveness. Among them it is necessary to note and Immune Defense, which is in great demand and popularity.

Instruction: How to use?

Admission is carried out up to three times in one day. The consumption of a decent amount of fresh and non-carbonated water is accompanied. As for the duration of the minimum course, it lasts about one and a half months. As for the effective chicken (with various chronic diseases), it lasts about 60 days. To fix that you need to take the tablets three months after the end of the course.

How does it work?

With the help of preventive use, it is possible to gain opportunities in establishing the work of all parts of the body, which are responsible for the process of creating protective backgrounds against various viruses and infections. Circulatory stimulation is carried out, as well as other metabolic processes. Just with the help of which damaged tissues acquire an influx of useful trace elements. If the immune system itself is weakened, the drug has an additional confrontation.

Ingredients. Composition

Among the main active components are:

  • Extrax fruit bodies of shiitake mushrooms;
  • Caly;
  • Magnia;
  • Calia;
  • Belkov;
  • Nucleic acids.

Among the useful elements there is also a lentinan, which is able to eliminate cancer cells.
Additional substances should include ginseng roots, extracts of red grape seeds, hibiscus petals.


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