What is it?

Intoxic is a special product designed to treat the body from parasites and various malignant formations on a natural plant basis. In one course of using the drug, human tissues are completely cleansed. Produced in the form of drops. Allowed for use by children. It is prescribed by doctors to patients who have been found to have parasites. There is a certificate confirming the quality of the medicine. Do not use for pregnant women, children under three years of age, women nursing children and people who have an allergic reaction to the components of the drug. There are few contraindications, so most people can use this drug. It also has side effects: diarrhea, itching, dizziness, vomiting, nausea. In general, four preventive courses are conducted per year. Packing takes place in bottles of 10 milliliters. The bottles are made of dark plastic and are closed with a white cap.

Instruction: How to use?

The use depends on the age of the person. Adults need to use the drug twice a day 30-40 minutes before meals. The course of admission for an adult is 30 days. Children (6 to 12 years old). Consume twice a day 30 minutes before meals. The course for children is 20-25 days. For small children (3-6 years old), apply 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day. Reception course: 10 days. Cannot be consumed in concentrated form. The medicine must be dissolved in water: one tablespoon of the substance is added to warm water. Undissolved consumption causes a drug overdose.

How does it work?

  • Cleans the body of parasites. The body is cleared of parasites and their larvae
  • Eliminates allergic skin rashes. The vital activity of parasites causes allergic reactions on the skin
  • The organs are recovering. Normal functioning of lungs, liver, stomach is restored
  • Destroys putrefactive processes.
  • Eliminates immune problems.
  • Protects the body from parasitic formations
  • Stops tumor formations in the body.

Ingredients. Composition

  • Sumach juice. Destroys the growth of parasites and fungi
  • Bear bile. Removes parasites from the human body and destroys their larvae.
  • Ferula. Disinfects the body and restores damaged tissues
  • A collection of twenty components. Provides protection for internal organs.



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