IonicWhite What is it?


What is it?

IonicWhite is a tool to help you achieve a perfectly white smile. This is a medicinal complex. It is enough to take the course to change the tone of the teeth by 5-6 shades. And all this in 20 minutes a day.
After all, not all people have beautiful teeth. But now everything can be solved. In addition, this is such an organ that deteriorates for various reasons: poor ecology, hard water, haphazard care, poor-quality toothpaste, lack of calcium, abuse of sweets.
Dental disease is very difficult to spot at an early stage. And on enamel it is even more difficult to do it.
As the protective surface weakens, small holes begin to appear. Caries is progressing. The disease spreads to the heaviest layers.
Therefore, white teeth are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also necessary.
IonicWhite will give you a snow-white smile. It is clear that the drug will not be able to solve the problem of caries and will not interfere with filling. Only on clean white teeth it is much easier to notice a pathological change.

Instruction: How to use?

The usage process is divided into two stages. At the first stage, whitening takes place. Two types of gels are used, which must be mixed and filled with a light tray mass. Place the device on your teeth and wait 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure for three days in a row.
The second stage is consolidation. Here it is already necessary to use a spray: once a week for two months.

How does it work?

It only takes three days to see the result. No other device like this can boast of such efficiency. One course will make your teeth 5-6 shades whiter. The resulting result will delight you throughout the year.
The device works using ultraviolet radiation. Silver ions are also used in the work.

Ingredients. Composition

In a complex device set, you are directly provided with the device itself, a whitening gel, an activator gel, a whitening spray and an activator spray.
The operation of the device is carried out thanks to the batteries, which are also initially included in the kit.


  • Low price
  • Natural composition
  • Confirmed by doctors


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