What is it?

LionHRT is an innovative product designed to address problems with the circulatory and endocrine system. The product is designed for home use. Contains only natural ingredients that are well tolerated. The additive has passed laboratory and clinical control, has proven its positive characteristics, therefore it is officially approved for sale. The product has a high quality certificate.

Instruction: How to use?

The drug LionHRT must be used according to the instructions, it describes in detail the rules for passing the treatment and prophylactic course. Use the supplement daily, without deviating from the schedule and the established dosage. The duration of the therapeutic program is one month. The manufacturer of the supplement also proposes to take a preventive course – once every six months.

How does it work?

LionHRT cleans the blood from toxins, veins and arteries – from cholesterol. Stabilizes hormonal balance, strengthens the heart muscle. Restores immunity, normalizes blood glucose levels. Prevents life-threatening blood clots. Improves the functioning of the heart and brain. Normalizes the physical and emotional state.1

Ingredients. Composition

The LionHRT remedy is made without the addition of synthetic components, so the therapy proceeds without complications. The drug is made on the basis of banaba extract, rosemary, hibiscus, garlic, hawthorn berries. Together, the listed components saturate the body with vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, flavonoids. They do the following:

  • Normalize blood circulation, prevent oxygen starvation of the brain.
  • Strengthens veins and arteries.
  • Tones up, prevents weakness and decreased performance.
  • Purify the blood from toxic compounds.
  • Promote active production of antibodies, strengthen immunity.
  • Prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

LionHRT is well tolerated and has benefits in terms of improving the endocrine and circulatory system. Since the supplement is 100% organic only, the risk of complications is excluded. Cardiologists and endocrinologists approve of the use of these products in the fight against diseases of the heart, veins, arteries, and endocrine glands.


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