Lovense Diamo What is it?

Lovense Diamo

What is it?

Lovense Diamo is a vibrating ring for stimulating erection. A unique development for single men actively affects the penis by means of vibration waves and gives vivid sensations. The ring is made of safe materials that cannot chafe or tear delicate skin.
The Lovense Diamo cock ring can be used remotely. So, a man can independently control a toy or trust his partner.

Instruction: How to use?

A smooth ring is put on the male member and activates it. This can be done using the voice function, as well as by phone, laptop or tablet. Lovense Diamo can be used alone, in preludes, or for public play. By wearing it during sex, the partner will also feel the vibrations.

How does it work?

The ring is designed for long-term wear. It provides a firm and long lasting erection. It is important to understand that you can delay the moment of orgasm for no more than 5-10 minutes.
Lovense Diamo increases sexual stamina and heightens sensations, corresponding to powerful orgasms. The vibrator operates up to 12 meters from the rear and no more than 3 meters from the front when standing. If a man is sitting, the radius is reduced to 5 meters from the front side (when connected to bluetooth or Wi-Fi). When connected to the Internet, the control radius is unlimited.

Ingredients. Composition

The device is made of soft silicone. Bluetooth connection allows you to control an erotic toy in the same room as the device. The powerful charging battery can work up to 3 hours without interruption. By controlling the sound, the device can be used in public places. At the same time, a quiet sound does not affect the vibration speed. Voice activation allows you to control the vibrator without using gadgets. Vibration patterns reach up to 10 waves. Music mode adjusts vibrations to your favorite music. Supports three levels of intensity: low, medium and high speed.
The kit includes a USB charging cable, instructions for use and setup, a 12-month warranty card, and a compact Lovense Diamo carrying and storage case.


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Customer Reviews

Lovense Diamo is a true work of art. I pondered for a long time how you can improve your sex life with your beloved. For some reason she doesn’t want to use all sorts of toys. But I decided to test the vibrating ring and was completely satisfied. A significant advantage is the ability to control via bluetooth. So the most interesting thing, the girls liked to manage my own pleasures.

My wife recently gave me a cool Lovense Diamo vibrating ring. From the very first minutes of use, an excellent combination of high-quality material can be distinguished, which does not cause skin irritation. The presence of numerous operating modes allows you to quickly choose the most optimal option for yourself.

Lovense Diamo is a unique combination of great design, price and build quality. I have been using it for a long time during sex with my wife and have not regretted it a bit. Most importantly, not only I am satisfied with the device, but also my spouse. An excellent solution for those who want to diversify their lives without resorting to cheating.


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