Lovense Hush What is it?

Lovense Hush

What is it?

Lovense Hush is a teledildonic butt plug for anal pleasure. Sometimes you want to add variety to your sex life. Lovense Hush will help each partner get new sensations. An erotic toy is great for self-pleasure, foreplay or playing in public places. Hush can be controlled remotely from any gadget via bluetooth (at close range) or internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Instruction: How to use?

A small amount of lubricant is applied to the programmable vibrator and inserted into the anal passage. Using the voice function or the phone, the vibrator is turned on at a low speed, allowing you to get used to the sensations a little. Further, the speed can be increased.

How does it work?

Lovense Hush, when connected via Wi-Fi or bluetooth, works up to 10 meters from all sides, if a person is standing. In a sitting position, the distance decreases to 3-5 and acts on one side – opposite the partner. Internet connection allows you to control the toy at any distance. Lovense Hush can be used by both beginners and more advanced in sexual pleasures business.

Ingredients. Composition

The toy is made of 100% silicone. The absence of latex, rubber and phthalates allows it to penetrate gently and not to rub during movement. The spiral does not retain lubricant on the instrument, preventing dryness and tearing of the skin. The neck is designed in such a way as to ensure maximum durability and to exclude accidental removal. Lovense Hush has built-in voice activation. This function allows you to put aside the electronic switch, get comfortable and give an activation command. A powerful battery withstands continuous operation for up to 2 hours. The waterproof tool can be taken with you to the bathroom or shower without fear of breakage. Three power levels allow you to independently adjust and enhance vivid sensations. Withstands up to 10 vibration patterns. Music Mode adjusts vibrations to the beat of your favorite music and takes the erotic toy to the next level.
A USB port, a carrying and storage case, instructions for use and a 1-year warranty card are supplied with the toy.


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Customer Reviews

Recently I bought Lovense Hush – a novelty among intimate accessories. This is a special anal plug that can be easily adapted to the anatomical features of a person. The vibrator is universal – suitable for both men and women. Thanks to him, my husband and I managed to diversify our sex life and move to another level of relationship.

My husband bought a Lovense Hush anal vibrator and offered to try it. I’m not against sex toys, but this one confused me a little. However, I soon overcame my skepticism and decided to give it a try. The impressions were the best. I have never had so much fun! The device is reliable and safe.

The Lovense Hush smart device is designed to stimulate the anal area. Can be operated at close and long distance. The vibrator is made of high quality and safe materials. When using, I experienced only pleasure and did not feel any discomfort. The vibrator is easy to use and easy to care for, different modes can be set.


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