Lovense Nora What is it?

Lovense Nora

What is it?

Lovense Nora is a high-tech vibrator that will bring pleasant sensations to the fair sex. It can be used by a person or couple to vary their sex life. Considering that the company has been making the product for about 10 years now, you certainly dont have to worry about the quality of the product.

Instruction: How to use?

There are several ways to use it. To begin with, it is worth deciding whether Lovense Nora will be used individually or in pairs. In addition, it aims to obtain a variety of senses and can be inserted into the vagina as a clitoris stimulator. Several experiments can be carried out on the device, the main thing is not to rush and be extremely careful. Washing is necessary after each procedure to maintain personal hygiene.

How does it work?

Lovense Nora has several modes. The head helps stimulate the clitoris at different speeds: small, medium and large. You can do this on your own and with your partner. The vibrating part can bend in different planes, each time bringing new sensations.
There is a dedicated app supported by most smartphones and operating systems. The device contains stimulating balls, easy charging takes 4-5 hours, and in standby mode it can work up to a week.

Ingredients. Composition

Made of plastic and silicone. The plastic is part of the base of the vibrator, it is tough and shiny and easy to clean. Designers have been working on improving the properties of silicone for a long time. The toy is designed in such a way that it has a smooth and elastic structure. In addition, these substances bring a variety of tactile sensations, do not cause allergies and discomfort. The device is waterproof, so it is quite easy to care for, which means it can be washed easily.


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  • Natural composition
  • Confirmed by doctors

Customer Reviews

Very pleasant to the touch, and the color is only more exciting. It is very pleasant to touch them to the most sensitive places. I use it not only where it was created, but also it can be applied to the nipples. After that, the mood is created corresponding much faster, even no additional lubrication is needed. So take the advice. To be honest, now I only use it, I put the other vibrators aside. This one has become my favorite, I think, now for a long time.

I didn’t expect to be on this site at all. Then I got interested and decided to buy this vibrator. It arrived quickly, packed well, the design is very nice. What is captivating is the bright, simply flashy color and softness. He is so pleasant to the touch! Then I installed the application on my phone according to the instructions, set it up. I thought to protest in the evening, but could not resist. I started small, but it turned out that I lack such vibrations. In the end, I tried everything. Then she walked away from orgasms for a long time, even fell asleep. Take it, do not hesitate, the toy is amazing.

Thank you very much for coming up with such interesting things for adults. I did not take the vibrator separately for the ji point or clitoris. Chosen to stimulate both. I am completely satisfied with the result. Can’t compare with a man. The sensations are still different. Not enough, of course, that heat, the touch of hands on the skin, the weight of someone else’s body on you. But this all fades into the background when the “rabbit” starts to play with its paw. Oh, this is just a splash of all the positive emotions that can only be in the human body! A wonderful adaptation, I write a positive review on it unambiguously.


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