MaleExtra What is it?


What is it?

Male Extra is a panacea that will relieve the anxiety of sexual failure. Because all the failures are behind us. The drug is created from environmental components that powerfully affect the genitals of men and their intimate capabilities. With Male Extra, the client receives completely free special exercises that help to form a quality erection, improve sensations and endurance.

Instruction: How to use?

The medicine is easy to use. Since Male Extra is a powerful drug and each capsule contains high doses, 3 capsules per day is enough to be effective. The capsules are recommended to wash down a large amount of liquid during meals.

How does it work?

Male Extra should be taken daily, as it produces a cumulative effect. If the positive reaction did not happen on the first day, it’s okay. The result is noticeable only through time, and with each new day becomes more visible and tangible.
Male Extra improves blood flow to the genitals of the pelvis, which gives a good and prolonged erection. Ejaculation increases, which affects the quality of orgasm, and increases endurance, allowing the other half to be content all night.

Ingredients. Composition

Male Extra contains environmental and powerful components:

  • L-arginine is responsible for normalizing blood flow in the small pelvis, thereby improving blood flow in the genitals
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  • L-methionine – suppresses histamine synthesis, thereby protecting against premature ejaculation and prolonging sexual intercourse.
  • Elageic acid 40%, pomegranate extract – a component that is not in any other food supplement with a similar orientation
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  • Cink is the mineral responsible for maintaining testosterone levels and sperm quality.
  • Cordyceps is a Himalayan fungus that increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and is an aphrodisiac.
  • Niacin is a vitamin B3 that helps with fatigue



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Indications for use

MaleExtra – innovative new generation capsules to enhance potency. The drug is recommended for use:

  • with a decrease in potency, which is caused by stress or nervous exhaustion and in the presence of an anxiety state;
  • with a pathological state of the endocrine system, insufficient blood circulation and inflammation of the genital organs;
  • with a decrease in potency after taking tranquilizers or sedatives;
  • for the production of male hormones;
  • saturation of the body with useful vitamins and microelements.


The capsules are effective and safe to use regardless of age. Taking the drug does not cause side effects. With increased individual sensitivity to individual components, allergic reactions may occur.

Doctor’s review

The new drug is worthy of praise. With the help of the drug, full stimulation and production of testosterone and androgen is achieved, which is fully confirmed by the laboratory tests passed. Patients fully recover their psychosomatic state, which has a positive effect on the genital area. Patients report an improvement in general health, an increase in sexual interest and an increase in the duration of intercourse.

Customer Reviews

The drug was ordered for a promotion, without prepayment. I opened the parcel before making a payment on a new mail. Capsules in good packaging and with instructions attached. I have long wanted to lose weight on a preparation, the composition of which does not contain synthetics, but only useful herbs and microelements. The capsules are easy to use and should be taken after meals with a glass of water. I hope for an effective result!

After taking the capsule, I notice a rush of blood to the genitals and an improvement in potency. I have been taking the drug for two weeks, the doctor recommended taking a course for 40 days. I was afraid that there would be breathing problems – I am an allergic person with experience. But no manifestations of allergies happened. There are no other side effects either.

Male Extra ordered at a discount. The package arrived in 2 days. I received it on a new mail, and did not make an advance payment, but paid with a Privatbank card in the mail. I heard about the healing properties of the fruiting body of the shiitake mushroom, the extract of which contains the drug, for a long time. My friend cured him adenoma of the prostate gland. My goal is to increase potency. Male Extra is a miracle cure. I recommend!


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