Maral Gel What is it?

Maral Gel

What is it?

Maral Gel ist ein Gel zur männlichen Genitalvergrößerung. Das Medikament verbessert die Lebensqualität im Intimbereich, erhöht die Ausdauer von Männern, ermöglicht die Kontrolle der Dauer des Prozesses, des Erregungsgrades, wirkt sich positiv auf die Fortpflanzungsfunktion und die Erektion aus.
Viele Männer sind nicht immer mit der Größe des Penis zufrieden, deshalb versuchen sie auf jede erdenkliche Weise, einen Weg zu finden, ihn zu vergrößern. Natürlich gibt es in der modernen Medizin viele Möglichkeiten, dies zu erreichen, auch durch chirurgische Eingriffe. Aber in der Regel stimmen nicht viele der Operation zu, in solchen Fällen kommt Maral Gel zur Rettung.
Das Tool wurde entwickelt, um die Möglichkeit des Auftretens mit Potenz auszuschließen. Die Entwicklung des Gels wurde von erfahrenen Urologen in aktiver Zusammenarbeit mit plastischen Chirurgen durchgeführt, so dass Maral Gel in seiner Wirksamkeit sogar chirurgische Eingriffe übertrifft.

Instruction: How to use?

Using the gel is not at all difficult, there will be no problems. First, it is important to prepare the groin area, it must be clean and completely dry. Then apply a small amount of gel to the penis and scrotum with light massaging movements. Wait until completely absorbed. It doesn’t take long, the consistency of the gel is such that everything happens quickly. then you can either get dressed or start intercourse.

How does it work?

There are a lot of those who want to enlarge their penis, but only a very small part of them are ready for surgery, most often because of fear. Now everything is much easier, just use Maral Gel and after a few weeks you will be able to achieve the desired result.
There are a lot of those who have already tried the gel in action. According to reviews, the gel increases sensitivity, increases sexual arousal, makes the penis longer and thicker. Controlling ejaculation has now become much easier, which means that everyone who wants to can feel many times more confident and perform new feats.

Ingredients. Composition

The gel contains exclusively natural products, the main components are deer root extract and succinic acid. The maral root increases the length and diameter of the penis due to the rush of blood, increases the sensitivity of the penis during intercourse. Succinic acid promotes the elimination of toxic elements from the body, relieves inflammatory processes, and ensures the formation of new corpora cavernosa.


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Indications for use

This lubricant is used to increase the size of the penis (length and volume), to prolong sexual intercourse. It can be used for problems with erection, providing a stimulating effect. Suitable for improving sexual contact, providing better penetration and duration of direct intercourse.


There may be an individual intolerance to some of the components of the drug. If they occur, men need to wash off the lubricant gel from the penis and consult a specialist, and women should immediately report allergic reactions to their doctor. Not recommended for use under 18 years of age.

Doctor’s review

In sexology, physiological factors that affect direct arousal play an important role. Usually this is a lack of blood in the genital area. Because of this, an erection either does not arise at all, or it will be sluggish, short-lived. I often recommend that my patients use Maral Gel. Firstly, it is completely natural and water-based, so the occurrence of allergic reactions is almost completely ruled out. Secondly, it stimulates blood flow in the genital tissues, forcing the blood to flow better to the site of application. And thirdly, it is an excellent lubricant that can be used to get rid of dry mucous membranes and ensure a painless and more pleasant intercourse.

Customer Reviews

No, no, but you have to use lubricants. I have been with my wife for 12 years already, anything can happen, especially when she gets a little sick. Or I’m kind of in the mood, but it’s not possible to get my “gallant soldier” uplifted. We saw this gel by chance, and so we got hooked on it. Easy to apply, written, and can be used on a condom. Have not tried it yet. And so I like everything, the erection is persistent, quite long. We are happy with everything.

I wrote it out, it came quickly, I used it right away. It helps a lot. The member really becomes more voluminous, I just did not notice about the length. They didn’t lie about an erection either – everything is like clockwork. I think how it will end, I’ll write it out again.

I bought this gel for the first time myself to diversify our bed life. Personally, I really liked it. Easily enters, make love longer. My beloved also says he liked it. I got excited after him easily, there was no irritation. I like that it is water based and odorless. I thank the manufacturer, everything is well and efficiently done.


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