What is it?

Maxisize is an ointment for enlargement of the genital organ, created by the most experienced medical urologists, helps to achieve an increase in the penis by 4 centimeters in length by a natural, and most importantly, harmless method in the shortest possible time.

Instruction: How to use?

The drug, which was developed by Japanese pharmacists, is intended for external use during the course, lasting 4-6 months. The initial effect will become visible after one week, it directly depends on the personal specifics of the person, and the regularity of applying the cream. The method of use is detailed in the instructions for use and can be found in each box. It should be noted right away that there really wont be any difficulties. This means that the procedure goes like this. Open the tube with the gel, squeeze the required amount of it onto your hand, and smear with light movements on the previously washed erect phallus. It is not necessary to press very hard on the barrel and rub in the substance, the feeling of comfort, in the first place. Wait until the substance is completely absorbed, for this purpose it will only take a few minutes. The creators advise to apply MaxiSize in about 20-30 minutes. until the permissible proximity, or twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

How does it work?

The special complements, which are included in the components, have a positive effect on the tissues of the penis, which are safely stretched, and with them the chambers of the cavernous body of the genital organ, which contributes to a real increase in both length and girth.
The substance favors intensive blood circulation in the body of the penis, guarantees a stronger and additional flow of blood. This effect is beneficially reflected in the sensitivity of the penis, erection and potency. The ointment begins to work well, bypassing 5 minutes after application, the effect is preserved for 1 hour. The medicine can be used together with a condom. Shows an exciting effect on the young lady, increasing her susceptibility. In small doses, it is harmless for oral administration. In other words, the substance is allowed to be applied to the phallus also before oral sex.

Ingredients. Composition

The cream contains only natural, natural ingredients.


  • Experts advise
  • Natural composition
  • Confirmed by doctors

Indications for use

Maxisize cream is designed to stimulate the growth of the penis and eliminate malfunctions of the reproductive system in men. The indications for the use of this drug are:

  • small penis;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • decreased sensitivity of the genitals;
  • weak erection;
  • decreased libido;
  • testosterone deficiency.

It is allowed to use the drug for prophylactic purposes during periods of physical and psychological overstrain, with a prolonged stay in a state of stress, as well as under the influence of other factors that can have a negative impact on the functioning of the reproductive system.


Maxisize is a natural remedy with a minimum of contraindications. The grounds for refusing to use the drug are only allergic reactions to the components present in its composition, and minor age. It is not recommended to apply the product to damaged areas of the mucous membranes and skin of the genitals.

Doctor’s review

Many men believe that the only way to enlarge the penis is by surgery. Meanwhile, on the modern market there is a huge selection of drugs that can stimulate the growth of the penis and correct a wide range of malfunctions of the reproductive system in men without surgery. One of the leaders in this segment is Maxisize cream. This natural preparation contains plant extracts, minerals and other substances that activate the growth of the penis, increase potency, increase the sensitivity of the genitals, strengthen erections and reduce the risk of premature ejaculation. More than 98% of patients using Maxisize achieve positive results in a matter of weeks!

Customer Reviews

I use Maxisize just before sex. The member becomes stone, an erection lasts for hours. There are no misfires with this cream!

I was never satisfied with the size of my genitals. I have tried many drugs that stimulate the growth of the penis, but to no avail. I was about to give up, but in a casual conversation I heard about Maxisize – friends praised this tool very much. I decided to try it, and I was right: in just 2 months, the penis became 3 cm longer and noticeably thicker. The result exceeded all expectations! I recommend this tool to everyone!

Due to allergies, I was forced to abandon the pharmacy potency stimulants. Instead, I use Maxisize – the effect is the same, but without side reactions. The cream works flawlessly and never fails!


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