Menomin Forte What is it?

Menomin Forte

What is it?

Menomin Forte are capsules designed to restore and strengthen the female body. Helps fight gynecological problems and improves the menstrual cycle. It has a beneficial effect on the internal systems of the human body. It helps well with disorders in the nervous and endocrine systems.
Suitable for use at any age.

Instruction: How to use?

For preventive measures or in the treatment of problems in the intimate sphere, the duration of admission starts from 40 days.
When more serious problems are observed in the body, the course of application starts from 2 months.
The longest course of admission starts from 2.5 months. And it is necessary for serious disruptions in the menstrual cycle, for unpleasant symptoms during menopause, and for hormone-related disorders.
Capsules must be taken 1 piece three times a day. Food intake does not affect the effectiveness of the drug. Each capsule is washed down with a large amount of clean water.

How does it work?

If Menomin Forte is used to restore the body and combat disorders in womens health, then the agent helps to normalize hormones, suppresses inflammatory processes, and relieves infectious diseases. It stabilizes the nervous system and relieves anxiety.
When the drug is used for prophylaxis, it slows down and stops negative processes in the body, arising from problems in the endocrine system and in the menstrual cycle.

Ingredients. Composition

The components presented in the preparation are natural and absolutely safe:

  • Cranberries contain substances that actively fight against pathogenic bacteria and infectious diseases. Remove toxic substances.
  • Ginseng root extract contains a substance called phytoestrogen. It is used to combat symptoms that appear during menopause. To keep the body in good shape and improve mood. It helps well with problems in intimate life.
  • Shiitake mushroom extract is rich in amino acids and vitamin D. It helps with problems in the intimate sphere. Improves and normalizes metabolic processes in the body. Fights high cholesterol levels.
  • Hibiscus in the composition is needed for the normal functioning of the blood system. It has a positive effect on the pelvic organs. Also a hibiscus extract, rich in antioxidants and phytoestrogens.



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