What is it?

Micinorm is an effective topical treatment for toenail and foot fungus. It effectively eliminates the symptoms of the disease and neutralizes its pathogens. When used regularly, Micinorm completely cleanses the skin and restores its healthy appearance. The drug can be used at different stages of mycosis, as well as in combination with other means and methods of treatment.

Instruction: How to use?

Micinorm is available as a topical cream. It should be applied to the affected skin and rubbed until completely absorbed. Before that, it is important to cleanse the skin with water and soap and dry it.
The cream is recommended to be applied several times a day, at least in the morning and in the evening, until the symptoms of the disease completely disappear. In most cases, this takes 2 to 4 weeks.

How does it work?

Micinorm is highly effective against various strains of the fungus. Thanks to this, it quickly stops the pathological process and prevents the further spread of the infection. At the same time, it takes care of the skin, provides additional moisture and nutrition. The cream repairs damaged areas and significantly increases local immunity. This, in turn, protects against recurrence of mycosis in the future.
High efficiency is not the only advantage of Micinorm cream. Another important advantage of the drug is its safety. The cream contains only natural ingredients. In addition, it has an exceptional local effect and does not penetrate into the general bloodstream. Due to these properties, the likelihood of side effects when using Micinorm is extremely low. The exception is made by people who have an individual intolerance to one of the ingredients of the drug.

Ingredients. Composition

Micinorm is an all-natural cream. It does not contain hazardous chemical compounds, and instead uses plant extracts and concentrates. The active ingredients include:

  • beaver spray: prevents the growth of fungus, fights odor, itching and other symptoms;
  • vitamin E: deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, promotes regeneration and healing of damaged tissues;
  • scarlet: relieves irritation, moisturizes, restores the skin;
  • oak bark: has an antibacterial effect, dries wet areas;
  • lemon aspen: destroys bacteria and fungi, disinfects, relieves discomfort, softens the skin.


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