Moleculica What is it?


What is it?

Moleculica is a state-of-the-art complex for sensitive skin care based on natural ingredients. Includes nourishing mask, day and night cream.
Biologically active components of natural origin restore the structure of the skin and accelerate the process of cell regeneration.


Instruction: How to use?

Before the first application of the Moleculica line, you need to carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions. Before using any product, you need to clean your face thoroughly. The mask should be applied at least 2-3 times a week and kept for at least 15 minutes. Day cream should be applied daily in the morning, immediately after washing or after applying the mask with light gentle movements. You have to wait until it is fully absorbed after application. Night cream is recommended to be applied daily in the evening 1-2 hours before bedtime. After application, you also need to wait for the full absorption of the tool.

How does it work?

To preserve youth and pleasant complexion, it is recommended to constantly use the unique complex Moleculica, and the first results are noticeable after the first weeks of use. Highlights of Moleculica products:

  • s support cell renewal process;
  • s over density and turgor skin;
  • block inflammation;
  • S off the color and relief of the face;
  • float lines of expression and folds;
  • sti stimulate collagen production;
  • s support the water balance of the skin, remove swelling.

Moleculica is ideal for both women and men.

Ingredients. Composition

The components in the Moleculica complex were selected based on years of research. They are able to effectively give the skin a healthy look. Key ingredients:

  • – shea- soothes, nourishes, treats, moisturizes, relieves peeling and inflammation;
  • colage and hyaluronic acid – restore elasticity, elasticity and smoothness of the skin, reduce the depth of wrinkles;
  • retinol (vitamin A) – narrows and cleanses pores, brightens pigment spots, increases skin elasticity, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen;
  • peptide complex – stimulates the regeneration and turgor of the skin, relieves puffiness, strengthens elastin fibers, smooths wrinkles.

The mask and creams consist of clinically tested components, so they have no contraindications, are not addictive and minimize side effects.


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