Motion Mat What is it?

Motion Mat

What is it?

The Motion Mat is an acupuncture mat that acts as a massager. It helps to improve overall well-being and also heals many diseases. In particular, its use is beneficial for nervous disorders. But thats not all! The mat has a needle-like surface that not only massages but also exfoliates dead skin particles. thanks to this, the dermis rejuvenates, becomes softer, and its immunity is stronger.

Instruction: How to use?

The rug is very easy to use. It must be laid on a flat surface, then lie down on it and remain in this position for 5 seconds. Get up, stretch a little and lie down again. Repeat these steps at least 20 times.
The product is suitable for massage of the back, legs, thighs, buttocks, feet and other parts of the body. There is no discomfort or pain during the process. Only a slight tingling sensation may appear, but this is quite normal – it should be so.

How does it work?

Using a rug helps to normalize blood circulation, improve skin condition and overall well-being. Regular use of the product helps to get rid of back and lower back pain, improve lymph drainage and remove excess fluid from tissues. The tool removes swelling, and also neutralizes excess fat accumulation. This is a truly unique piece and it really works!

Ingredients. Composition

The product is made from high quality materials. They are completely safe and hypoallergenic. They have been scientifically researched and tested and proven to be suitable for orthopedic and massage products.
Main materials:

  • Coconut fiber. A tough and tough material sourced from the outside of an exotic walnut. It is used to make door mats.
  • Organic linen. Products made from this substance are very popular. Not surprisingly, their benefits are enormous. In particular, products made from organic flax are able to prevent the development of heart pathologies.
  • And the main component of the product is eco-plastic. It is completely environmentally friendly, does not cause allergies, and is easy to dispose of. Also suitable for recycling. The stability of the mat is ensured by neodymium magnets.


  • Fast shipping
  • Natural composition
  • Media Reviews
  • Confirmed by doctors

Indications for use

With age, a number of diseases are exacerbated, so the body needs additional support. The Motion Mat provides an opportunity to improve your well-being.


Most of the contraindications are not associated with the use of the Motion Mat, but with the limitations of the acupuncture of the massage procedure. It is recommended that you consult with a specialist about the limitations prior to your appointment to the massage parlor and the selection of the appropriate procedure.

Doctor’s review

I have been doing acupuncture massage for 10 years. Very often, patients complained of discomfort during the procedure. Finally, a mat has been created that allows you to ensure the proper comfort during the procedure. This makes me happy. For the first time I learned about the novelty from a patient. Indeed, the result exceeded all my expectations. The rug is really unique: lightweight, comfortable, has a compact package.

Customer Reviews

After visiting the therapist, I decided to take a course of acupuncture massage. The doctor suggested using the Motion Mat, which is convenient during the procedure. I went for a massage with a device. And in fact, I felt comfortable on the massage table, did not even notice when the specialist finished the procedure. I recommend the rug to all those who want to enjoy the procedure without being distracted by discomfort and inconvenience.

I am currently undergoing a course of acupuncture massage. I was constantly experiencing discomfort during the procedure. I told a friend that I was planning to go for a massage. A friend suggested trying the Motion Mat acupuncture mat. I went for a massage with a product that I borrowed from a friend. Yes, indeed, with a rug it is better than without it. I will definitely order a rug for myself and recommend it to my friends.

Not so long ago she was discharged from the hospital with a diagnosis of atherosclerosis. The doctor advised acupuncture massage. Before visiting a masseur, I came for a consultation with specialists. The specialist told about the procedure and recommended purchasing a Motion Mat. I was very lucky to be able to quickly acquire the product. I liked the massage, during it I felt pleasure, was not distracted by unpleasant sensations. If possible, I will visit the masseur again.


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