Move&Flex What is it?


What is it?

Move & Flex is a cream for osteoarthritis and osteochondritis – one of the most common diseases of joints, cartilage and tendons. Joint health significantly affects the quality of life in general, because the motor capabilities of a person depend on them. As a result of heavy physical exertion, a sedentary lifestyle or due to age, the joints are damaged, begin to hurt, their functionality is impaired, and the person experiences discomfort. Move & Flex cream will help you deal with these problems without much effort. When applied, it immediately affects the site of pain and inflammation, relieves symptoms and restores well-being.

Instruction: How to use?

Move & Flex is suitable for any age category. Although it is a cumulative cream, it is not forbidden to use it once for instant pain relief. To achieve a greater effect, it is better to use the cream in a course of at least one month, if necessary, it can be extended to two or three. Apply a small amount of cream to problem areas and rub it in slowly in circular motions until completely absorbed, twice a day. It is recommended to read the instructions before use.

How does it work?

Immediately after application, the cream acts directly on the inflamed area and relieves pain in a short time. The substances that are part of Move & Flex work in several directions at once. The active ingredients reduce pain by acting directly on inflammation, promote the regeneration of cartilage and joints. By improving blood circulation, they help the joints withstand various loads and prevent their degeneration. In addition, the cream actively fights against infectious processes, accelerates the healing of wounds and abrasions and cell regeneration. Reduces swelling and muscle spasms, normalizes metabolic processes and replenishes the lack of trace elements.

Ingredients. Composition

Move & Flex Cream is free of steroids, chemicals and synthetic additives. It consists entirely of natural ingredients of plant origin, which have only a beneficial effect on joints and tendons. These are natural antioxidants, amino acids, a complex of vitamins and minerals, as well as vegetable oils, thanks to which it will not cause skin irritation, allergies and other side effects. You wont get used to it.



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