What is it?

Nicozero is a drops formulation. It is assigned to people who are struggling with smoking. It relieves the urge to smoke and repairs damage acquired during smoking. This applies to complications of the cardiovascular system, as well as to the deterioration of digestive processes. Due to attempts to quit smoking, but without proper supervision, all this is not taught. It is suitable for use at any age and without side effects or addiction. The impact of the product is directed at behavioral, cognitive and physiological aspects.

Information - Nicozero
Name Nicozero
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Instruction: How to use?

Reception occurs by drinking 2 - 3 times a day, 10 drops at any time, not limited to food intake. The duration of the general admission depends on the nature of the smoking habit, and is divided into 3 courses.

  1. Minimum course of 40 days. It is carried out with minimal addiction and is recommended for the prevention and general strengthening of the body.
  2. The average course lasts 1.5 months. Mainly used for acute symptoms and malfunctions of the respiratory and immune systems.
  3. The maximum course is 2 months and is prescribed for people with chronic complications and long-term smoking. As a result, chronic and acute manifestations of concomitant diseases are observed.

How does it work?

By using an agent that first acts on the restoration of damaged systems (respiratory, circulatory, digestive). Then comes the impact on the nervous system, in particular on its psychological component. To eliminate the addictive effect. Then there is a general consolidation and improvement of immunity. Which leads to complete independence from smoking. All this happens due to the cleansing of organs from toxins and associated deposits. Metabolism and general psychological state are improved.

Ingredients. Composition

  • Ginseng root extract acts on the nervous system. Stimulates it, which leads to general calm. General tone is acquired due to hypertensin, hyperglycemia. It also contains panaxisoids, essential oil, B - vitamins, fatty acids and trace elements.
  • Shiitake fruit mushroom extract due to active polysaccharides and beta - glutins restores immunity, psychological health and circulatory system.
  • Hibiscus petal extract is saturated with organic acids that repair damage to the respiratory system, repair damage and improve the mucous membrane of organs.


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Indications for use

Spray Nicozero is designed to combat tobacco and nicotine addiction. Indications for the use of the product are:
  • constant craving for smoking;
  • the onset of bouts of "nicotine hunger";
  • increased appetite, the appearance of a feeling of unexplained anxiety or fear against the background of quitting smoking.
It is allowed to use a spray to eliminate the effects of long-term dependence on tobacco and nicotine (including for cleansing the lungs, liver and blood).


Nicozero is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to herbal ingredients and other substances present in the spray. It is not recommended to use the drug to get rid of tobacco and nicotine addiction during pregnancy or lactation.

Doctor's review

Spray Nicozero is a unique drug that not only helps to quit smoking, but also removes all the consequences of this addiction. Observing my patients, I was convinced that 97% of smokers get rid of tobacco and nicotine addiction forever in just one course of treatment using this remedy. The spray has successfully passed all tests proving its effectiveness and complete safety. Therefore, I confidently recommend it to all those who have firmly decided to get rid of the bad habit forever!

Customer Reviews

He smoked for almost 20 years, repeatedly tried to quit this habit, but to no avail, neither plasters, nor gum, nor pills helped. I had already dropped my hands, but on one of the forums I read positive reviews about Nicozero: people who used this drug wrote that with its help they were able to quit smoking in less than a month. I decided to try it and ordered this product for myself. After 3 weeks of use, the craving for cigarettes suddenly disappeared, as if it had never happened. To be honest, the result amazed me. I could not even imagine that an ordinary herbal spray could be head and shoulders above the advertised pharmaceutical preparations!
Thanks to Nicozero, I have not smoked for six months. I feel 10 years younger, shortness of breath has disappeared, bad breath has disappeared, and efficiency has increased. This tool really changed my life for the better!
I started using Nicozero on the advice of my doctor, who himself quit smoking with this tool. I didn't count on much, but I really managed to get rid of a long-term habit in less than a month. The spray really works, and even a skeptic like me was able to see for myself. I recommend this remedy to anyone who lacks the willpower to quit cigarettes on their own!


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Nicozero - can I buy it at a pharmacy?

No, unfortunately this product is not sold in pharmacies or shops. It can only be ordered on the official website indicated in the article.

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Our team could not find negative reviews from real customers.

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