Nomidol What is it?
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Nomidol What is it?

Nomidol is an excellent antifungal cream that works quickly to remove your problem.
Often people notice such a problem as nail and skin fungus, this infection is very dangerous and develops quickly, and the most amazing thing is that cases without obvious symptoms are possible. When a fungus is found, Nomidol will become your best friend.

Instruction: How to use?

The method of application is quite simple. The first step is to wash and dry your feet, gently wipe the infected area. Take a small amount of the cream and apply to the desired part of the nail or skin, massage so that the cream is completely saturated. The product is not washed off, otherwise there will be no action.

How does it work?

  • The cream fights fungal disease, helps to reduce pain and itching.
  • Healing cracks, reducing sweating.
  • The nail plate begins to slowly recover.
  • There is a strengthening of immunity from this infection.

You can use it twice a day.
The cream is natural and does not have any negative effects. This is a fairly universal drug, it cures the problem quickly, and is used at all stages. Can be used to prevent disease. You will not have cracks after a week, and itching after the first use, in one month there will be almost complete restoration of the nail, skin, and most importantly, your immunity will be able to fight the infection on its own, if suddenly it repeats again. This drug should be trusted completely and not be afraid to use, because of its naturalness it is completely safe and will become an excellent helper in case of fungal disease, it will cope with it in an instant.

Ingredients. Composition

Let's talk about the composition, it includes the main four components: the first is beaver musk - it is needed for good softening of the skin and nail plate, it helps other components to go as deep as possible to the damage and copes with it with a bang, celandine oil - to eliminate possible bleeding, pain relief the site of infection, promotes healing, cleansing the blood and helps fight bacteria found during the period of illness, St. John's wort oil is used to restore damaged areas, the latter is lemon balm oil, which helps against irritation. Minor elements are also included, but their significance is small.



Nomidol Where to buy - in pharmacies?