What is it?

OxySlim is a slimming drug. Which acts by converting subcutaneous fat deposits into fat cells necessary for the body to function properly. Thus, extra pounds will go away thanks to the natural process of burning calories.

Instruction: How to use?

OxySlim is sold as an effervescent tablet that dissolves quickly in water to form an oral solution. The drink has a pleasant taste and is excellent thirst tiring. The best time to take the drug is morning. Dissolve one OxySlim tablet in a glass of water and drink on an empty stomach. The drug will immediately begin to act because morning is the best time to start all important metabolic processes in the body, and it is very useful to start it with a glass of water.

How does it work?

OxySlim is aimed at accelerating the bodys metabolic processes, but in addition, the active substances contained in the preparation control appetite and at the same time fill the body with strength. The complex effect on all the systems necessary for effective weight loss is the principle of the drug.
The main properties of the OxySlim preparation:

  • Breaks down fatty deposits – this is of course the main function of the drug.
  • Accelerates metabolism – without an efficient metabolic process, fast and comfortable weight loss is impossible.
  • Helps control appetite – this is the third important part of successful weight loss.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive system – when taking the drug, dietary habits change and at this time the intestines need additional support.
  • Improves immunity and delivers the necessary vitamins – in the process of losing weight, it is very important to get all the nutrients so that the body does not suffer from their lack.
  • Destroys reserves of bad cholesterol – this is a very important point for vascular health and will prevent various vascular and heart diseases.

Here is a comprehensive list of the beneficial properties of the drug OxySlim. This is necessary to make the process of losing weight not only fast, but also irreversible.

Ingredients. Composition

OxySlim is a preparation of natural origin, all the components collected in it are of a vegetable nature. The ingredients are perfectly matched and perfectly combined without causing any unexpected body reactions:

  • Guarana – will help reduce appetite, but due to its tonic properties will not allow you to suffer from quick fatigue or loss of concentration.
  • Goji Berry – helps to actively burn fat and improve skin condition.
  • L-carnitine – stabilizes metabolic processes and accelerates natural metabolism.
  • Fucus algae – promotes the detoxification process and strengthens the immune system.

Irizin – accelerates the processes of converting fat deposits into energy necessary for the body to work and, subsequently, the speedy burning of these reserves.


Indications for use

OxySlim effervescent tablets are designed to combat excess weight gained due to malnutrition, endocrine disorders, and a sedentary lifestyle. The tool removes excess pounds gained during pregnancy or due to a hereditary predisposition to obesity. Also, the drug eliminates excessive body weight, regardless of its limitation period. Helps to get rid of primary and secondary obesity.


The only contraindication for taking OxySlim effervescent tablets is intolerance to the herbal components that are part of them. The drug is not used in pediatric practice. Women who plan to eliminate excess weight gained during pregnancy with the help of OxySlim after childbirth should first consult with an observing gynecologist.

Doctor’s review

“OxySlim effervescent tablets are an alternative to many weight loss methods, as weight is eliminated smoothly, without stress for the body. Usually, the extra pounds shed within a month return quickly enough. But in the case of taking the drug OxySlim – this is impossible. Weight is not only guaranteed to be eliminated throughout the month, but is also fixed on the results achieved. This drug can be taken by anyone who wants to improve body weight without negative health effects.

Customer Reviews

“I have been taking OxySlim for exactly a month, fully adhering to the recommendations prescribed in the instructions for the tablets. After 5 days of the course, I noticed that my clothes began to hang down. It turned out that I had lost 3 kg of excess weight. This result suited me perfectly, and I decided not to interrupt the course. In total, we managed to get rid of 10 kg. Considering that only a month has passed, I think this result is ideal.

“I was looking for the best option for a long time, in the end I bought OxySlim, drank it according to the instructions and was satisfied with the effect. Has lost exactly 2 clothing sizes. Along with the excess weight, cellulite disappeared, which I previously could not get rid of even with expensive means. Now I only think about changing my wardrobe.

“A friend advised me to drink OxySlim, and it seemed that her recommendation was not in vain. The drug helped to eliminate excess weight and finally achieve the harmony that I was striving for. It was a pleasant surprise that the orange peel was eliminated along with the unnecessary kilograms.An excellent means for losing weight, because the listed effects were achieved in just a month.


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