Peruvian Maca What is it?

Peruvian Maca

What is it?

Peruvian Maca is a herb whose fruits stimulate potency. Restores all functions of the male body, improves reproductive performance, increases testosterone, helps to cure depression and stress. Allows you to maintain health without any chemical additives. Even in ancient times, this plant was considered a cure for infertility. The supplement can be consumed at any age. It has no negative effects on a persons condition or health.

Instruction: How to use?

Can be added to food or dissolved in water. In any case, the instructions for use can always be read on the packaging. The use for men and women is the same, but the dosage is different. Typically, men have a slightly larger serving. The dosage amount depends on the following factors:
The purpose of the admission. If a person uses the drug to increase the effectiveness of training or for treatment, then they should consume larger portions
The mass of a person. The more a persons weight, the more his dosage is.
Peruvian maca has a cumulative effect. The result comes in 1-2 weeks after the start of consumption. The entire course is one month.

How does it work?

  • Improves sleep.
  • Improves skin and hair, nails
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves potency, libido
  • Helps with problems with conceiving a child
  • An anabolic supplement is used which helps in muscle building
  • Increases endurance and strength during prolonged physical activity
  • Prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria in the body
  • The work of the genitourinary system in both men and women improves
  • Enhances blood flow to the pelvis. Activates stagnant processes in it.
  • Reduces inflammation. Helps fight tumors.

Ingredients. Composition

  • Fatty acid amides are found in maca tubers
  • Vitamins (C, E)
  • Amino acids (tryptophan, isoleucine)
  • Useful minerals (iodine, iron, manganese, zinc)
  • Maca root (increases potency of testosterone levels in the body)
  • Cellulose (activates stagnant processes)
  • Thiocyanates and Glucosinolates (Help to avoid the formation of tumors. If the body already has a malignant tumor, then these elements will help cure it)
  • Carbohydrates and Proteins
  • Alkaloids (improve the functioning of the genitourinary system in men and women)

Thanks to these beneficial elements, the human body is cleansed and restored.



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