Power Wavy What is it?

Power Wavy

What is it?

Power Wavy is a unique set of sportswear that promotes active weight loss. Such an extraordinary form was developed specifically for those people who seek to get rid of excess weight in the shortest possible time. It really helps to reduce body weight, regardless of the reason for which it was recruited.
Even intense training does not always lead to rapid weight loss. True, it is quite possible to speed up this process. For this purpose, it is recommended to use Power Wavy.
As a result of using Power Wavy, the following problems can be eliminated:

  • protruding belly;
  • wide waist;
  • voluminous hips;
  • side ears;
  • saggy buttocks;
  • disproportionate figure;
  • skin irregularities and cellulite.

When using this kit, there is a complex effect. That is why it is possible to achieve a quick result.

Instruction: How to use?

It is recommended to wear the Power Wavy during sports training. Also, its use is appropriate in the following situations:

  • house cleaning;
  • work on a personal plot;
  • morning run;
  • cycling;
  • walking.

Take a shower after applying Power Wavy. Thanks to water procedures, it will be possible to get rid of sweat and avoid the onset of the inflammatory process.

How does it work?

During sports, everyday activities and movements, Power Wavy provokes a local rise in body temperature. As a result, the fat burning process is activated. Due to the special design of the form and elasticity of the applied matter, there is a modeling effect. Fat deposits disappear only in those areas where it is needed. As a result, the figure becomes beautiful, the buttocks acquire a luxurious look, the waist quickly narrows, and cellulite disappears.

Ingredients. Composition

Neoprene is used to make the innovative kit. It is a soft, stretchy material that is often used in sportswear. The fabric does not cause an allergic reaction and is highly hygroscopic.
The set includes shorts and a belt. They are separate from each other. Thanks to this, Power Wavy can be used when spot weight loss is required. For example, if the problem areas are only in the abdomen or thighs.


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Indications for use

Power Wavy is a neoprene weight loss kit. It will be an excellent sports equipment for those who want to burn unnecessary fats and increase their training results.
The main indication for using the kit is excess weight. It is inevitably recruited by improper diet, passive lifestyle, lack of exercise. Neoprene shorts and belt are uniquely designed to get a slim figure in a short period of time. It will help burn fat in different parts of the body, eliminate fatigue, apathy, decline. And of course, improve the quality of your workouts. It is the shorts, unlike other means, that act in a complex, quickly. Made from safe hypoallergenic material. They have a universal size, patented design, comfortable construction with removable parts. They allow you to lose weight 3-4 times faster and are easy to use. Help everyone fall in love with sports. The results of training without exhaustion and violence on your own body will not keep you waiting long.


There are no contraindications to wearing the equipment. After all, the set includes a neoprene belt and shorts. They are made of hypoallergenic neoprene material, they do not provoke redness and rashes on the body. Do not rub the skin. They do not emit an unpleasant odor. Absorbs quickly, wicks away sweat. The neoprene set fits the figure snugly, does not hinder movement. Does not rub off after prolonged wear. It will be ideal for a comfortable workout and will quickly regain its previous shape.

Doctor’s review

As a sports specialist, I recommend wearing the Power Wavy shorts and belt. Such an innovative kit will become a reliable, high-quality assistant in the struggle for ideal body proportions. Additionally, it will eliminate excess weight, remove toxins / poisons from the body. Speeds up your metabolism. Will increase the intensity of blood circulation. Builds up the muscles of the buttocks. Will accentuate the waist. Burn down the visceral deep fat.

Customer Reviews

The coach advised me to buy a Power Wavy when I seemed to be doing sports, but I could not lose only 2 kg. This neoprene belt came to the rescue. It does not block gas exchange and does not hide pores. On the contrary, it emphasizes the waist. Speeds up metabolism. Builds up the gluteal muscles. It removes poisons and toxins from the body. And of course, it removes excess weight.

I also wanted to buy a belt. But the doctor dissuaded me. Because I have burns and a pustular rash on my skin. As soon as I get rid of the misfortune, I will definitely buy wonderful clothes. For training – an irreplaceable thing.

Thermo kit allows you to lose weight by 2-4 kg per week. This result is superior to many standard training programs. I was convinced and felt the effectiveness on myself after wearing a belt and shorts for a month. I liked that the equipment does not hinder movements, it is absolutely safe, unlike battery-powered thermal belts and vibration massagers. Acts sighting, directly on problem areas. My breasts remained plump after use. But the hips and stomach have lost a lot of weight. I no longer gain weight after hectic feasts, because I wear shorts and a belt. I advise everyone to order on the official website. On promotion days, you can buy at a good discount.


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