Propolis Cream What is it?

Propolis Cream

What is it?

Propolis Cream is a broad spectrum preparation. It is intended to be applied to the skin. The cream relieves discomfort, nourishes and tones.

Instruction: How to use?

Propolis cream is recommended to be applied 2 times a day to clean, dry skin.

How does it work?

Propolis Cream-Wax is a multifunctional cosmetic product with natural ingredients. It is suitable for daily use and does not cause side effects or addiction. In some cases, there may be an allergic reaction to bee products, which may be accompanied by itching and redness. Most often this applies to sensitive skin.
The product softens the skin, moisturizes, soothes, protects against negative environmental influences, prevents dryness and flaking, softens rough and chapped skin. The cream has anti-inflammatory properties and repairs damage to the skin in a short period. Vitamins, amino acids, flavonoids in the composition of the product contribute to the renewal of skin cells.
Propolis Cream is suitable for seasonal skin care, nutrition, hydration and protection. The active ingredients penetrate deeply into the site of application of the cream, which contributes to a pronounced effect and stimulates the recovery process. Thanks to the use of the drug, the skin will become well-groomed and beautiful.

Ingredients. Composition

The product contains only natural ingredients created by nature itself:

  • Propolis. It has healing properties, helps well with skin diseases, moisturizes and nourishes;
  • Beeswax – a product of the vital activity of bees has regenerative and protective properties;
  • Olive oil. Contains a large amount of oleic acid, moisturizes sensitive and problem skin.
  • Horse chestnut extract. It is used to treat varicose veins, relieve pain, relieve swelling.
  • Bee podmore is a storehouse of nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • Bee venom. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  • Resin of Siberian cedar. Regenerates cells and heals wounds, prevents inflammation.
  • Bee moth. Effectively heals skin wounds and makes scars invisible.

Each component complements each other, enhances the positive effect. The product does not contain harmful components and impurities.


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Indications for use

The active ingredients of the cream are able to penetrate deep into those places of the skin where the product was applied. This enhances the effect and promotes recovery. The cream has a broad spectrum of action.
It relieves the feeling of discomfort, helps the skin to become more elastic, tone and nourish. Saves from drying out, peeling and irritation. For rough and chapped skin, softens it.


Of the contraindications, it is worth highlighting hypersensitivity, acute eczema. Also not recommended for people under the age of 18.

Doctor’s review

In pursuit of the eternal beauty and radiance of their skin, girls are able to take drastic measures. And all you need is nothing: to find one correct means. Personally, I strongly recommend all my clients to pay attention to Propolis Cream. An excellent tool that has a wide spectrum of action. Suitable for everyone and the result is guaranteed. So far, no one was dissatisfied with its use.

Customer Reviews

During the cold season, my skin is constantly dry. All the acne and irritations disappear, but they are replaced by another problem. I no longer knew what to do with myself from this. And then a friend shared that she had a similar problem, but she found a remedy that saved her. And that’s Propolis Cream. Well, after my friend I decided to try it too. I’m not losing anything anyway. And it’s good that I took a chance. Now I am not afraid of any dryness. The skin also looks much better.

I bought the cream only because I saw it from bloggers. And I trust them. And for good reason.
The cream turned out to be just magical: it nourishes, moisturizes and gives the skin a second life.
In texture, it is quite dense, but this does not prevent it from being light and delicate. After use, the skin is velvety and nourished. An excellent remedy for taking care of the skin in the cold season.

Thanks to the cream, the skin becomes radiant. It is very lightweight. Perfectly moisturizes the skin and gives it a beautiful, radiant look. And the cream also has a very pleasant smell.
My skin is combination dry and sensitive. And this tool was perfect.


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