Prostaffect What is it?


What is it?

Prostaffect is a high quality remedy, thanks to its unique properties, you can get rid of prostatitis and improve potency. The products consist of organic raw materials, which compares favorably with analogues. The release form of the drug is capsules, they are intended for home therapy. Practicing urologists approve of the use of this remedy as it is safe and effective. Given the encapsulated form of release, each man will be able to select the desired dosage for himself on his own, without the assistance of doctors.

Instruction: How to use?

Prostaffect capsules should be taken 1 piece, 1 time per day. Do not chew the drug beforehand and each time you must drink a sufficient amount of still water. The duration of the therapeutic course is 1 month. But the primary signs of improved potency and elimination of prostatitis are observed after 1 day of treatment.

How does it work?

The drug Prostaffect prevents the transition of acute inflammation to a chronic form, normalizes the tone of the bladder, and reduces the urine urine urine. Regenerates minor damage to the organs of the urogenital tract, corrects the content of testosterone in the blood, prevents the extinction of potency. Normalizes body temperature, ensures normal outflow of urine.

Ingredients. Composition

Prostaffect’s innovative products function as an antibiotic, hormonal agent, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and other pharmaceutical medicines. Therefore, taking these capsules, you do not have to use the drugs of the listed types. The product contains vitamins, minerals, plant extracts. Taken together, the listed components perform the following actions:

  • Stops prostate inflammation.
  • Makes urine flow painless and easy.
  • Prevents stagnation of urine in the bladder.
  • Normalize testosterone production.
  • Protect prostate cells from degeneration into a malignant tumor.

The drug Prostaffect is well tolerated and helps to get rid of prostatitis, regardless of the root cause of its development, the statute of limitations at the start of treatment. Before going on sale, the capsules passed the necessary examinations and proved their positive characteristics.


  • Natural composition
  • Popular people’s opinions
  • Confirmed by doctors

Indications for use

The drug Prostaffect is prescribed to eliminate acute and chronic prostatitis. The tool is designed for home treatment. The capsules are intended for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland, which is caused by hypothermia, congestion in the pelvic cavity, and intoxication. Prostaffect is prescribed in cases where other treatment options (including massage of the prostate gland) did not help, if their use is contraindicated for health reasons.


Prostaffect should not be used if there is an allergic reaction to its components. The tool is not used in the case of oncological processes in the body and bleeding of unexplained origin. Capsules should be used with caution in gerontological practice, for the treatment of prostatitis in elderly and elderly patients.

Doctor’s review

“If prostatitis is not eliminated in a timely manner, it takes on a chronic form and will regularly remind of itself even after the slightest hypothermia. This emphasizes the importance of using a potent drug early in the development of the disease. The drug Prostaffect belongs to such options – it has a plant composition, is characterized by good tolerance, and is completely safe for health. Capsules need to be drunk in a course – then you can count on a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and complete recovery. “

Customer Reviews

“I bought Prostaffect on the website right after I suspected I had prostatitis. The drug turned out to be exactly as I expected. Already on the first day, the signs of inflammation of the prostate gland decreased, and it became easier to urinate, since the burning sensation and pain in the canal were eliminated. In a month I completely got rid of the disease, thanks to the drug. “

“I used to think that a good drug should be spent seriously, but it turned out that this was not necessary. I understood this on the example of purchasing Prostaffect capsules. The tool turned out to be effective, but at the same time inexpensive. It’s good that there are such options. “

“When I discovered I had prostatitis, I was afraid that I would have to go to the hospital. Prostate massage and IV drips are a real challenge for any man. But it turned out that the treatment can be done at home – I drank Prostaffect with a course and now I feel great, thanks to the creators of this drug. “


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