What is it?

RedRoot is a unique tincture that effectively relieves inflammation and soreness associated with the male genitourinary system, and also serves as an effective prophylactic agent against prostatitis and prostate cancer. In addition to its main purpose, it also has a beneficial effect on intimate life, increases sexual activity and strengthens the immune system. Everything happens quickly and safely. It is possible to noticeably improve the condition of the body, return the previous activity and normalize sleep in just 1 course of admission.

Instruction: How to use?

The drug must be taken daily 2 times a day. To do this, 5 drops of this product will need to be dissolved in 1 tbsp. spoon of water. The duration of the course of admission is 30 days. Before direct use, it is recommended to read the instructions for use on the package again.

How does it work?

Natural ingredients are aimed primarily at the effective restoration of prostate tissue. Thanks to their effect, its growth stops, inflammation is relieved, due to which the urethra is gradually released. As a result, painful sensations during urination and frequent urge to empty the bladder disappear. The functioning of the genitals also improves, the problems with premature ejaculation disappear, and the erection becomes stronger.

Ingredients. Composition

  • Red root – has a positive effect on libido, improves potency, strengthens erection and its duration.
  • Fir oil – strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, stimulates cells to regenerate faster, and normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  • Rhodiola root – improves the condition of the prostate, gradually normalizing its size, harmonizes the work of all internal organs, accelerates metabolic processes in the body.
  • Pumpkin pulp – its extract is enriched with zinc, which stops the enlargement of the prostate gland.
  • Ussuriyskaya pear – relieves inflammation, enhances the regenerative capacity of prostate tissues, relieves pain, frequent urge to urinate, strengthens local immunity.


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Indications for use

The drug is used when the size of the prostate gland is enlarged, which over time can lead to prostate adenoma. It is necessary when pain, heaviness in the bladder area, discomfort during urination, frequent urge to empty it.It is used for attenuation of sexual desire, the impossibility of having intercourse due to insufficiently strong erection, as well as a decrease in its duration. It should also be used with a weakening of local and general immunity, a predisposition to colds, a decrease in the level of energy, weakness, lethargy, problems with sleep, which may impair memory and concentration, irritability and anxiety appear.


The drug consists exclusively of herbal ingredients that do not have a negative effect on the male body. Therefore, it can be consumed at any age, starting from the age of 18, as well as at any stage of the onset of inflammation of the prostate gland. In very rare cases, you can observe individual intolerance to its individual components.

Doctor’s review

If you do not start to treat prostatitis in time, then over time it can turn into such a terrible disease as prostate cancer. Then you cannot do without an operation. No need to aggravate. If there are problems with going to the toilet, there is heaviness in the lower abdomen, and the feeling of fullness of the bladder does not disappear even after emptying it, this indicates that an inflammatory process is taking place in the body. You must immediately contact a specialist. But besides that, I also recommend taking the RedRoot course. This remedy in a fairly short time will improve the condition of not only the prostate, but also the whole body, minimize the risks of tissue overgrowth, and also help reverse the course of the disease. What I like about it is that it contains medicinal plants that not only heal the body, but also safe for humans. The absence of side effects is simply a necessary indicator of a drug that fights the manifestation of prostatitis.

Customer Reviews

After these drops, I became strong and energetic. Now I don’t get up at night so often, and my wife and I are in complete harmony in bed.

I am very glad that I bought this tincture for my husband. He began to feel much better, stopped complaining of pain, and he goes to the toilet as before, not so often.

The remedy helped me in about a week, but I finished the course to the very end. So that the disease will certainly not come back. I recommend it to men without fail, at least for prevention.Yes, and in love affairs, he will help, it has been verified by his own experience.


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